Ballers season 3 episode 4 spoilers: Spencer, Ricky, and complicated futures

Ballers season 3 episode 4Sometimes, the smallest thing can make all of the difference. For Spencer Strasmore on Ballers season 3 episode 4, it’s being on time.

Judging from the preview that aired after tonight’s all-new episode on HBO, one of the key events that is going to be coming on the show next week is seeing Dwayne Johnson’s character struggle to hit the important meetings at the time in which he needs to. He’s on a quest to get an NFL team in Las Vegas, but the big problem that comes with that is resistance and plenty of it. There are some owners who are concerned about it being a competitive threat to their own market. Meanwhile, there are others who simply have some apprehension to the idea of Spencer being so involved. Remember that this is a guy with a well-established history of bad financial deals, he does have to handle the stigma of being a former player. Owners often put themselves on some sort of elevated plane, regardless of whether or not they deserve to be there.

For a little more insight, all you have to do is look below.

Ballers season 3 episode 4 synopsis – “Desperate to score a key owner’s blessing to bring pro football to Vegas, Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) and Joe (Rob Corddry) find themselves in a race against the clock involving a pair of equally critical meetings. Spurned by his new teammates, Ricky (John David Washington) stages his own private workout, and finds roses aren’t enough to appease an angry Amber (Brittany S. Hall). Vernon (Donovan Carter) looks for a second chance; tensions between Charles (Omar Benson Miller) and Larry (Dulé Hill) escalate after a tryout for Kisan (Kris Lofton).”

The story for Ricky should prove interesting just because it’s once again him figuring out his own football mortality. He may have been at the top of his game for many years, but his time is running out and he’s getting more of a name behind him as a journeyman. What comes after he’s done with football? So much of his life has been around that and his larger-than-life brand, but he needs to start figuring out that there is more out there for him than this.

One more thing that we’re going to say is that for Charles, we do feel for him since nobody around him has really appreciated what he’s capable of. This is one of the reasons why he’s having so much trouble now: He has to find a way to get Larry to realize that he’s more than a lackey who he can snatch credit from in order to suit some more of his own interests.

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