Power season 4 episode 8 spoilers: Ghost, Tommy, and Tariq tension galore

Power season 4 episode 8Power season 4 episode 8 on August 13 represents the boiling-over period for some of the show’s characters. The drama’s been escalating, and much of it is now starting to get out of control. Ghost will be trying to further his business plans only to run up against a number of unexpected roadblocks. Meanwhile, Tommy is going to be reeling from the revelation that his father is prison, Angela has officially gone into a full-blown affair with Silver, and Tariq is even worse than ever after what transpired with Kanan back in episode 6. Getting out from under his thumb has not made anything better. Instead, he feels worse than he has about his parents lying to him, let alone the thought of Ghost killing people. (Tommy not being upfront with him didn’t help much of anything.)

This upcoming episode is entitled “It’s Done,” and if you are interested in a little more insight into what’s coming, you can see it below via Starz.

Power season 4 episode 8 synopsis – “When Ghost sees that the location for the business is gang-infested, he re-teams with Tommy to clean it up. As Tommy threatens war, his organization starts to destabilize. Tariq is unhappy and looks to some old friends.”

So what about the storyline with Angela tracking down Mike Sandoval? It’s not in the synopsis, but you should know at this point that an absence from a synopsis hardly means anything when it comes to the actual events of the story. She is closer than ever to figuring out the truth, and we expect a race against time in the final episodes of the season in order to see if she can get him before he manages to take down everyone who is breathing down his neck. (We can confirm after seeing the preview for the next episode that you will in fact have an opportunity to see some of what’s coming with Angela and John Mok soon.)

Oh, and as for Tariq and his “old friends,” that does absolutely have us concerned that Kanan is going to become a key part in the story again by the time the next episode comes to a close. Just because he couldn’t find it within himself to destroy Ghost and Tariq when he had the chance doesn’t mean that he will feel this same way forever. There could be a time in which everything changes.

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