Power season 4 episode 7 review: Tommy’s father; Mike Sandoval moves

Tommy's fatherOne of the interesting things about Power season 4 episode 7 — let alone the entire season — is how the show finds a way to make the unsurprising surprising. By this, we mostly mean that the stories get twisted in such a way where there are some jaw-droppers that manage to come out of some very surprising places.

For a prime example of that, take a look at the way in which Tommy learned the truth about his father behind bars. It was clear that this moment was coming, given that the man was so invested in making sure that Ghost handed off the phone to his son. There were few other reasons for him to be so intent on this. The moment still paid off because of Tommy being so understandably angry about it. He thought that his father was dead, and it was almost a pair of different betrayals to learn that 1) he was actually still alive and 2) his mother had wanted to keep the truth a secret from him.

Why go through all of this now to have the truth out there? The apparently reality is that Tommy’s mom kept him a secret for a reason, and all revealing this now will probably do is kick over a hornet’s nest in one way or another. Tommy’s already a guy on the edge, and it could cause him to snap — that’s not great when it comes to how he needs to be a caretaker in a few different situations. Ghost needs him for parts of his operation, as well as being a mentor figure to Tariq.

Remember when we thought that Tariq was going to gravitate closer to his dad after the whole Kanan incident? Well, he’s really just upset and feels like to by anyone, hence him using in the house, shoving his sister out the door, and getting incredibly angry when Tommy won’t fess up to some of what he and Ghost did with Kanan back in the day. He also isn’t interested in the idea of going away to a boarding school even though it would spare him some of the publicity that comes with being tied to his father’s case.

Is Ghost’s case at an end?

If nothing else, we know that Angela seems to be now very close to nailing Mike Sandoval for everything, given that she does have him on a rather suspicious tape. Meanwhile, John Mok has also now realized that he’s got a little bit of time that is unaccounted for. Sandoval’s aware that the water is boiling and he’s trying to act, but he hasn’t been successful in anything just yet. The biggest problem that Angela, John, or anyone else could face is trying to pin why Mike did it, and whether or not Greg had figured out that he was the mole. If the case against Jamie was flimsy, this one right now is a sheet of tissue paper in a windstorm. They will need to find so much more in the way of information; otherwise, they are left spinning their wheels.

Angela especially needs to figure out how to get her career going strong again, given that at present, she is dealing with both suspension and also whatever public perception is of her after the trial. While Power has done a good job demonstrating some of what Ghost and Tasha are going through when it comes to the aftermath of the case, we haven’t seen much of that from Angela’s point of view. Case in point: The interview, where Tasha sat there in front of a reporter and had to discuss her husband’s affair. How is this impacting Angela’s life? We know that for Tasha, she is finding comfort in this situation with Silver, who she slept with near the end of the episode after doing a rising round of karaoke to Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” Who said that the show wasn’t going to find a way to incorporate the musical talents of Naturi Naughton one way or another?

For Tasha, she’s now in a position where she has to put up multiple fronts. Meanwhile, for Angela her main goal is survival — and making sure she gets the evidence that she needs before Mike Sandoval doesn’t get to her first.

Overall Take

Power season 4 episode 7 didn’t necessarily blow the doors off in the way that episode 5 did, given that many of the twists were set up and ones that you could anticipate. Nonetheless, the truth remains that this was a very good episode of TV anchored by moments that felt earned, even if they did not drop our jaw to the ground in the process. Grade: B+.

Where are things going moving into Power season 4 episode 8?

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