Poldark season 3 finale photo: Elizabeth’s woe; spoiler frustrations

Poldark season 3The Poldark season 3 finale is coming to BBC One on Sunday, and we want to kick off this article with a new photo that’s all about Elizabeth.

Where is this character at entering this installment? “Troubled” may be a perfect word for it, given that she spent much of the past hour digesting the passing of Aunt Agatha before realizing in the end that she may have told George the truth about baby Valentine before her death. She’s done her best to be very hardened towards Francis’ family since marrying George, but we do wonder how much the gates are starting to open following her vulnerable conversation with Ross. Is she really happy at all, having sent away Geoffrey Charles and realizing that one of her only remaining Poldark family ties is gone?

Elizabeth may not be one of the most-likable characters on the show, but it’s hard to argue entering the finale that she is in an interesting position where she has some important decisions that lie ahead. She has a great deal of control now over the future of not only herself, but her children and even those close to them. Maybe she could even figure out a further way to help Morwenna.

In this aforementioned photo, Elizabeth clearly doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself. That much we know for sure.

Airing out frustrations

There’s one other subject that we do want to comment on in this preview that we find frustrating to no end: The decision by some other outlets to publish a photo that is clearly an ENORMOUS spoiler of the final episode; not only that, but also use it as the main thumbnail for the article. Therefore, if you search for Poldark on Google, it’s one of the first things that comes up.

Do we have a little less sympathy for people looking up information on the show after an episode airs? Sure, since there is a certain expectation at that point that spoilers are out there. It’s a little bit different when it’s before the show and there shouldn’t be anything out there at all.

This is, alas, yet another example of how crass the British press can be. Remember that these are some of the same people who exploited the past of Jodie Whittaker after she was announced the new Doctor and posted scantily-clad photos of her for easy traffic. They’ve also peppered the cast of Poldark and many other shows with super-invasive relationship rumors.

We count rant on for days about all of this, but in the end, the thing to remember is just to be careful when it comes to where you travel online; not only are there spoilers out there, but many of them have no problem passing along a depressing tone to go along with it.

Want even more Poldark finale news?

Then we just suggest that you head over to this link to obtain some additional details right now when it comes to the BBC series. (Photo: BBC.)

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