Turn Washington’s Spies season 4 episode 9 review: Beginning of the end

TurnWhen watching Turn: Washington’s Spies season 4 episode 9, you easily got the sense that the end was near. More than that, you could make an argument that this was the end of the story and the end of the series. So much was paid off, and many characters now can better see a path towards the future.

The British Army’s surrender was a watershed moment to end all watershed moments. Within these few minutes of footage at the end of the hour, you could feel this palpable sense of everything that the cast and crew were building towards and had been building towards for a rather long time. You saw victory for the Americans in a way that was tangible. It was more than just Abe delivering a key piece of information or Townsend making a risk that would put his entire future in jeopardy. Everyone within the Culper Ring were heroes in allowing things to get to this point.

Yet, in the midst of the battles there were sacrifices, and Abe Woodhull nearly lost his own life in the process. There were two moments during the episode that we would profess as almost the show’s equivalent of putting you on a new emotional plane. One was the site of the British throwing down their guns at the surrender; the other was Mary realizing that her husband was present, but in the worst way imaginable. His sacrifice was integral to the army’s success, but it was nonetheless a sacrifice.

We’d argue that it was a surprise to see Simcoe survive everything were it not for the history books. In general, his story is so fascinating because of where he ends up and the important figure that he was in the early history of what is now a part of Canada. He ended up doing many great things for that part of the world, and that is further symbolic of how difficult it is to define someone based solely on their allegiances in a war.

Peggy welcomes a child

We’re not sure welcoming a new addition to her life serves as an element of closure or not for her, but Abigail helped to deliver her child in the midst of simmering chaos — and right when Peggy was going to send her away. There’s been a battle waging in Peggy’s mind for episodes, and there was one waging during the difficult birth of her child, as well. This moment may have bonded Peggy and Abigail closer together, which is great in that they have each been through extremely difficult experiences. This level of empathy for Peggy could go a long way.


If you are watching Turn: Washington’s Spies for powerful moments, this episode brought you that. As we mentioned, you could consider this episode the end of the show if it was really a show about the war. We personally view it instead as a show about people who just so happened to be in a war. That’s what makes the remaining episode so fascinating, as it offers up a chance to define legacies and show further what is next. This episode did an outstanding job getting us on that path. Grade: A-.

What’s next?

In the event you do want to get some additional news when it comes to Turn: Washington’s Spies, including a preview for the series finale, be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: AMC.)

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