Turn: Washington’s Spies series finale preview: America’s story

Turn: Washington's Spies series finaleWhat lies on the other side of war? The Turn: Washington’s Spies series finale may begin to answer some of those questions, but it won’t resolve them. It’s almost 250 years later, and these are questions that we’re still working to figure out today. We’re trying to find peace and uncover a way to properly understand each other. Coming to terms in a battle stops some of the bloodshed, but there is still plenty of bleeding to come.

For the sake of this show, the finale is about closure — not to a war, but to these people. They’ve fought so hard for something for so long, what do they do when they actually have it? It’s easy to want to be satisfied, but it’s a little more difficult to have it be so. They may be more accustomed to bloodshed and pain that they don’t know any other way. For the spies, they may need to realize that there is less of a need to gather information … though some of that Culper Ring paranoia could find a way to remain.

Below, you can get a sense of some of the first details on the upcoming story via AMC.

Turn: Washington’s Spies series finale synopsis – “The American War of Independence comes to an end as America struggles to begin. A settling of accounts between shadows and spies.”

This is a chance to say goodbye to these characters, and for this chapter of history. Ending this show is a different struggle than most given that the fate of many of these characters is set in stone. You know via the history books that Abe Woodhull lives for many years, and the same can be said for Simcoe. Benedict Arnold ended up making it back over to England and then eventually what is now Canada, a place that holds significance for many British Army characters on the show. There’s also the War of 1812 coming in a handful of decades, but that’s a matter for a different time featuring many different players.

The end of this show is mostly about finding a way to say goodbye with the right emotional notes. It wants you to feel as thoughts its version of the journey is worthwhile, and to date, so much of it is.

Feel free to share in the comments some of your expectations for the Turn: Washington’s Spies series finale.

Meanwhile, head over to the link here to receive some other news, including a full review of this weekend’s episode. (Photo: AMC.)

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