Shark Tank rankings: Under the Weather, Apollo Peak, SeedSheet, Cropsticks

Apollo PeakTonight on Shark Tank, Under the Weather, Apollo Peak, SeedSheet, and Cropsticks are featured in a repeat episode. Which ones stand the test of time? In this edition of our rankings, we’re going to do our best to figure that out!

Below, you can check out our (renewed) perspective on these products since their first appearances on the show, ranked in order of least favorite to favorite. We’ve taken a look at all of their websites/social media in making these judgments; of course, there’s also a little bit of personal taste thrown in there for good measure.

4. Apollo Peak – This idea is really adorable, but when the dust settles, you do have to remember that this is still just faux wine for cats and dogs. There are some health benefits that come with drinking it and the people behind it are super-shrewd marketers, but our long-term concern remains that it’s difficult to keep the business strong without continued viral support. Also, it’s a little more expensive than some of the average pet treats that are out there.

3. Cropsticks – Sustainable chopsticks made of bamboo is a brilliant idea, and we do think that in time this will be the way that companies go. Are we there yet? Probably not. The biggest issue the brand faces is the same one it currently does: Cost. It’s hard to convince restaurants to spend more on something when they’d have to pass costs on to consumers. We almost think that convincing larger manufacturers to be on board, whether it be licensing the idea or providing insight for a royalty, is the real path for success here.

2. SeedSheet – Over the past few months since the show first aired, we’ve gotten more and more into gardening. There is something satisfying about being able to say that you’ve grown something and you are able to then use it for good. This idea is great in that it allows you to do this while also reducing some of the hard work. It simplifies gardening for everyone and sells packs of seeds depending on what you’re wanting to grow. Maybe it’s not the #1 product during this episode in terms of mainstream viability, but it’s up there.

1. Under the Weather – One of the better ideas of the entire season, given that this is a way to have your cake (being outdoors) while eating it, too (not baking in the Sun’s rays). These protect you from a wide array of conditions, and we like how many more innovations the company’s come up with over the past few months. There are now “pods” that have additional zippable doors that you can use for side-by-side seating, plus others with mesh material to keep you safe from mosquitos and bugs. There are more options to be outside safely, which is a huge benefit to the consumer. The continued effort to expand even beyond the Tank is very much exciting!

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