Zoo season 3 episode 6 review: Who is Mr. Duncan?

Zoo season 3 episode 6Tonight, Zoo season 3 episode 6 arrived with much of what the previews promised: An episode that was stuffed full of interesting backstory about Abigail Westbrook. She’s been the woman at the center of the hybrid creation, and tonight, we saw some of what drove her to be so aggressive and convinced that her way of running the world was the right way to go about it.

As it turns out, a great deal of her anger and desire to stop Jackson that stems from one simple thing: Heartache. She wanted to be accepted by her father, (Robert Oz) and to be thought of as something more than what she was. Unfortunately, what she learned instead was that she wasn’t a priority to him in the way that she wanted to be. She felt as though her dad put Jackson’s own hopes and dreams over everyone else, and when he sacrificed himself, she felt much of her own world start to crumble.

Throughout the episode, we saw some of the lengths that Abigail went through to prove herself, including using her own DNA in the creation of the hybrids — effectively, doing what her father previously tried to achieve. (Later in the episode, Abraham managed to figure out some elements of the hybrids’ creation, while also determining the six different DNA strands he would need to undo some of the damage.)

As the episode went along, Jackson and team learned in the present that it was Abigail who was responsible for the death of Leanne, and not Jamie as it once appeared after her false confession. She had merely taken the fall for the crime as a means to get into the police station and get close to evidence she needed to see.

So where was Abigail in the present this week? In the Mitch Morgan Stasis Tank (we’ll forever call it that). She was recovering from her injuries, much in the way that Mitch Morgan recovered from his own. Yep, she is the person responsible for Mitch being in that tank in the first place.

Oh, and this brings us to the biggest surprise at the heart of the entire episode: Mitch is Mr. Duncan. At the end of the episode, he was officially unmasked thanks to surveillance footage that the team was working on for most of the episode. This means that somehow, Abigail was using him during his time in stasis to further some of her own agenda.

Clementine is safe

When it comes to Mitch’s daughter, he was able to break her out of her prison. Yet, she’s far from out of the woods. She needs to be kept safe, and the team needs to also act quickly to ensure that. There were some very funny moments throughout this episode for her and her father, with most of them being tied to the notion of Mitch being a grandfather. Clearly, he was not ready for that by any stretch of the imagination, but he’ll get used to it … maybe.

For now, it’s good to have her back with the team.

Where is Isaac?

Consider this even more bad news for Dariela and Abraham, as a police raid Reiden Global it is revealed that the children were no longer there. They eventually learned via heat-signals that they were taken up north, which is where the team will head from here.

The good news is that Clementine managed to talk Mitch down over Dariela’s decision to trade Clementine for Issac, telling him (smartly) that she understood why she sold her out. For the sake of her own child (an unborn son), she easily would’ve done the same thing without hesitation. We still foresee some Mitch resentment, so consider this a cease-fire.

As for Jackson and Tessa…

Well, she’s mostly gotten over the whole “lying about who he is” thing, which is good given that he wants to be able to move forward to some degree. Yet, he’s just a little bit wary about all of the danger — understandable, given what just happened in the Yucatan.

At least tonight Tessa got a little more insight on Jackson’s family history — even if it was him passing along some super-emo news that his family may be cursed. That was before telling her that she really should bolt the moment that she gets a chance.


We have to say that this was one of the best episodes of Zoo this season just because of crazy Mitch twist delivered in the closing minutes. Who would’ve thought that Mitch was involved with the bad guys? It makes sense, but at the same time, it was hard to forecast. There’s now two sides of Mitch Morgan, plus a fear that he may not be in control of his own actions. That responsibility may be a lot to bear and after everything that Mitch has already been through couldn’t the show have given him a little bit of a breather before the next big hurdle?

Beyond that, kudos to the Zoo writers for delivering a few different strong storylines — progress with Isaac, Jackson being upfront with Tessa, and multiple sides of who Abigail is. Grade: A-.

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