Big Brother 19 episode 18 review: Did Jessica use her Halting Hex?

Big Brother 19 episode 18Tonight, Big Brother 19 has a unique challenge: Telling a compelling story that isn’t overly depressing leading up to the Halting Hex being used … if it was used.

Going into the live vote and eviction, there wasn’t that much of a debate in our mind that she would use it — the show has to find a way to create some drama out of it! The biggest way that production did that was by focusing on some of the Jessica/Cody drama before the Veto Ceremony. After all, the moment that the house exploded and she and Raven started screaming at each other, it was effectively over. Cased closed. This episode was all about buying our time to get to that point.

Also, you can make a case that maybe Big Brother didn’t want to focus aggressively on the ugliness that happened after the Veto Ceremony. We don’t think that it has to do with protecting anyone so much as it does that forty minutes of bashing is a serious downer. Even a few minutes of it is.

It was around fifteen minutes into the episode when the Veto Ceremony happened and then HERE WE GO. The problem here actually stemmed from virtually nothing: Jessica freaking out over something that Raven didn’t actually do. She was just talking about how heavy the Veto necklace was and Jessica misheard her! Anyhow, this move ultimately is probably just indicative of her wanting to use the Hex in the first place.

Now, things get ugly

We understand that Paul was upset about losing his Head of Household and someone not agreeing with his plan. However, what happened from here was unacceptable for all parties involved. On the feeds, there was screaming, fighting, Josh banging pans, and multiple people questioning Cody’s military service. They didn’t show all of it on the show, but they got the point across where Paul, Josh, Raven, and Alex all acted like children. Matt was actually the woke person in the house — first and possibly only time we’ll say that — when he called all of this “embarrassing.” Jessica and Cody have been mean at times this season, but you don’t fight fire with gasoline and think you’re a better person because of it.

Jessica used the Halting Hex. There is no eviction this week. No real drama here. She didn’t even have to say the spell! No fun.

New Head of Household

We saw players training for this during the week. What were the end results? Well, Josh is Head of Household and this is probably going to be ugly. Basically, this is the person who hates Jessica and Cody more than anyone, and he now has the ability to control the week. They still have a chance thanks to the Temptation Competition/Power of Veto, but that’s really the only chance that they have.

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