Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Halting Hex rise … eviction night dies?

Halting HexHalting Hex rise, eviction night died. These six words are the ones that will likely turn the tide on Big Brother 19 this week, and cause all sorts of grief for Paul Abrahamian in the process.

As we approach tonight’s live eviction show, it appears as though all of the plans for the week are culminating. You’re going to see Jessica use the Halting Hex, and with that, she and Cody will remain safe. Some of the other players have taken to her wearing Cody’s dog tags today as a sign that she’s not doing it, which is pretty insane. The only thing that this signifies to us is that she’s showing some element of devotion to him and she’s proud of his military record. (You may have seen it floating around the internet already, but Cody’s military history is rather impressive. Love or hate the guy, he’s fought hard for our country.)

There’s a lot of paranoia surrounding if she’ll use it and Matt’s tried to talk to her about it (to little success), but we’d say the odds are around 99% she’ll go through with it. There’s very little reason for her not to other than to try and make a move to please the rest of the house … but that doesn’t seem to be on her mind. If she and Cody can win a strong of important competitions, which they may be able to given the new Temptation Competition in play, they could be safe for a while even without the Hex. If she believes in their ability, very little else matters. Playing it means she ensures one more week of safety, but has no one else to fight for her. That’s scary.

With this Halting Hex coming, expect a show heavy on drama tonight (Veto Ceremony included since it wasn’t in Wednesday’s episode) and light on the live-show components beyond the Head of Household Competition. This competition, per the practice we saw yesterday, a total crapshoot that is about hitting balls towards various point totals. It’s basically Big Brother mini-golf.

This is why we’re emphasizing the Temptation Competition — if you’re a Jessica/Cody fan, remember that they’ll have two other opportunities to get safety for the week. They and Paul are the biggest targets, but we suppose there are potential scenarios where Alex, Christmas, Elena, or Mark could also go home. The only people we consider to be 100% safe entering next week right now are Raven, Matt, Kevin, Josh, and Jason. Kevin and Jason are the only two within that group we consider to be playing reasonably good games. (We wrote earlier about the best overall players as of right now.)

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Remember that we’ll have a full review of tonight’s new episode online a little bit later over at the link here. Meanwhile, tomorrow afternoon there should be a new interview published featuring Allison Grodner, so keep your eyes peeled for that. (Photo: CBS.)

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