Madam Secretary season 4: How can the series use Henry as a valuable asset?

Madam SecretaryFor the last three seasons of CBS’s hit series Madam Secretary, fans have fallen in love with Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) and her husband, Henry (Tim Daly). Not just because of their undeniable chemistry, but also because of their individual characters.

Henry McCord is a man of many talents. He is a former Marine Captain aviator during Operation Desert Storm and is now a theology professor with ties to the National Security Agency. For the last three seasons, the series has used him well. They have shown his loving, angry, and determined sides and every single time he’s won the audience’s hearts. Fans route for him and support him. So going into Season 4 how can the series continue to use him a valuable asset?

Well in several ways.

First, the show needs to continue to feature Henry in situations where he can once again use his theological background to help with global issues that face the NSA. However, the show shouldn’t just make a copycat issue, but instead, find a different way to put Henry in a similar situation by showcasing another part of him. Something that fans haven’t seen yet. For example, is there a certain side of Henry fans have yet to meet? If so, the series should show that through him once again working with the NSA.

During the previous seasons, it was great to see him in this capacity because Daly’s character is so strong that making him a just a college professor would make his character seem dull. Now, with this CBS needs to make Daly’s character an important part of the show while keeping in mind that the show’s lead is Téa Leoni’s Elizabeth McCord. With CBS recently be criticized for only picking up shows for the 2017-2018 season with only male leads, CBS and Madam Secretary need to continue to place Elizabeth front and center while still showing its other characters in an appropriate manner.

Another way the series can continue to use Henry is by showing him with Elizabeth. By doing this, the series continues to show why he and Elizabeth make such a great team. As we mentioned above, Henry is more than just a professor and often times works with his wife to help her achieve a purpose.

The series also has used Henry as someone Elizabeth can vent to. Her days are hard and stressful and many times Elizabeth and Henry’s bedroom conversations help her think about whatever issue she is currently dealing with. She can bounce ideas off of him and it’s helpful. This part of their relationship is super important for the show because it’s often that this drives the episode forward.

Overall, Tim Daly’s Henry McCord is a great character and one that can be used to the show’s advantage. And so far they have continued to do so and we hope that they use him effectively for many seasons to come.

Madam Secretary returns in the fall to CBS. For more news related to Madam Secretarybe sure to visit this link. (Photo: CBS)

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