Absentia teaser discussion: All hands on deck at the FBI

Absentia teaserIt’s been a while since we’ve had any Absentia teaser discussion stories here on the site, so why not try our best to discuss the latest one shared by the show’s official Twitter account?

In this preview, you’ve got Adam Radford (Ralph Inseon) doing his part to clue in the members of the FBI, including Nick Durand (Patrick Heusinger), of the efforts to help Emily Byrne (Stana Katic) and ensure that the responsible party is brought to justice. This preview is clearly taken from the immediate aftermath of her being found, given that there is so much mystery in the air and also a very clear sense of urgency. Were it later on the series, the entire team would likely already know their commitments and wouldn’t need this sort of debriefing.

The FBI will have a consistent presence throughout the show, and would even if Nick wasn’t previously married to Emily. Just consider the high-profile nature of the case: We’re talking here about someone who was presumed dead, and all of a sudden is back with complete amnesia about what happened. The fact that she was an agent herself only further raises the stakes, and there are issues aplenty that should be at hand. The FBI has to figure out how to handle this case sensitively, knowing that they have some inherent bias given that Emily was one of their own.

Like any good investigators, they follow the path of truth wherever it takes them … they just better be prepared to be taken to some very surprising places given everything that we do know about the series so far.

Swing and a miss

Earlier this afternoon, we thought for a split-second that we’d have a Canadian premiere date to share for Absentia, given that Showcase announced some other dates for upcoming shows. Alas, the jury’s still out here! We may have to wait a little longer for an Absentia premiere date than with other shows, just because trying to wrangle all of the different broadcasters together all over the world could be a challenge. After all, it greatly benefits the show to air at around the same time of the year everywhere. Canada may be waiting for the big US network announcement before it makes its own plans clear. Every now and then, there are some shows (see Poldark, Downton Abbey, or Grantchester) that do premiere much later in the United States than in Britain or other parts of the world. However, those are more exceptions than rules and a lot of it comes down to network decisions.

Remember — Absentia does have an American TV home; we’re just waiting for the big announcement to come out. Rest assured that when it comes — it shouldn’t be too much longer — we’ll be right there to provide you with some coverage.

For some further news…

You know where to go at this point: The link here! More news will be coming inevitably in the days ahead. (Photo: Sony.)

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