Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: As eviction nears, who’s in best spot? (day 44, morning)

Big BrotherIn what is a recurring theme as of late with Big Brother 19there isn’t too much from the live feeds to share in our morning update. Let’s run through it quickly — there was practice for some sort of golf/croquet inspired Head of Household Competition yesterday, Jessica is still using the Halting Hex, and Mark and Josh made up for the third or fourth time last night before getting into some silly dancing. Meanwhile, Paul tried to convince Matt to make a final push for Jess not to use the Hex today, though that’s not happening in a million years.

While Jessica, Cody, and Paul are clearly the biggest players at the moment in the game, they’re far from the best. They all have some serious flaws and are far too enormous of targets at this point in the game. Following a very specific scenario, such as Jessica/Cody winning Head of Household and Paul winning safety, one of the three is leaving the game next. (It’s also possible with the Temptation Competition that someone like Alex wins HoH, Cody wins the Temptation Competition, and Jess then wins the Veto.)

By and large, though, we thought it’d be effective at the moment to note who some of the best overall players are in the game. We’re looking here at people who contribute to the game but also are smart enough to not get a huge target on their backs. Paul, Jessica, or Cody could win if they make it to the end, but it’s going to be really tough for them to make it there.

Jason – Going into this season, we had zero expectations for a rodeo clown who’d barely ever seen the show before. Yet, he’s playing arguably a complete game. Everyone likes him, very few people have serious dirt on him, and he’s thought of as someone who has alliances and is actively taking part. He’s not a floor rug in an orange sleeveless shirt like Matt, an annoyance like Josh, or someone overly emotional like Mark. He can win competitions, and he’s aware of Paul’s threat level and that he needs to go at some point. We do worry about how he’d do in the mental competitions at the end, but we could see someone keeping him, thinking they’d beat him, and that turning out to not be the case.

Kevin – Strategically, he’s playing an even better game than Jason. He’s got dirt on a lot of different people, he knew about the Halting Hex before the majority of players, and he’s got a relationship with Jess and by extension Cody. He’s very smart, and he knows when to make a quiet move and when to let the players all cannibalize each other.

Unfortunately, we’re not confident in Kevin’s ability to win almost any competition. He doesn’t really need to win right now, but he could down the road. Also, there’s some risk in everyone comparing notes with him and realizing that he’s far better than he’s letting on.

Honorable Mentions – Christmas and Elena. While neither are playing amazing games, they each have a shot of making it reasonably far. Elena’s been talked a lot about as a threat, but we only see her in danger coming up in the event that Cody and Jessica are both safe and someone like Alex is in power. Meanwhile, Christmas is probably good unless Jessica/Cody are in power and both Paul and Alex have immunity. Both Christmas and Elena are fairly smart and have some social connections — they’re certainly better off than Matt, Raven, Alex, Mark, and Josh, and don’t have the targets on them that Jody or Paul does.

Who do you think is in the best spot?

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