NCIS season 15 spoilers: An unusual time jump; McGee – Delilah baby news!

NCIS season 15 spoilersLet’s start off this round of NCIS season 15 spoilers with something that everyone likes to hear: Cliffhanger resolution news!

If you recall, season 14 came to a close with some of our heroes in a rather-unusual spot. Namely, we’re talking about how McGee and Gibbs found themselves stuck down in Paraguay after a mission went south. The good news is that they didn’t die down there. However, the bad news is that they weren’t able to leave, either. Apparently, being in Paraguay, in this case, makes it the country version of the Hotel California.

So what comes next? Well, let’s just say that McGee and Gibbs are going to be stuck there for a while. Take a look at what co-showrunner Frank Cardea had to say in a chat with TVLine while at TCA this week:

“We pick up where we left everybody off at the end of last season … We flash back about that much, just to remind the audience that these two guys are in jeopardy and the world’s about to come down on them, and then we pick it back in Washington [only to discover that they’re still down there].”

For Sean Murray and Mark Harmon, this had to be pretty fun — especially if it means that they got to keep a hiatus beard (if they even grew one in the first place). These two have gone through some challenges before, but seeing Gibbs and McGee separate from their entire lives has to be difficult. For Gibbs, remember that this is a man who loves structure and has grown accustomed to that over time. Meanwhile, McGee has a child on the way and is going to want to be there for every single stage of that process. Him not being there for some of the moments leading up to it has to be fairly devastating. (For the record, the site reports that McGee and Delilah’s baby is coming in October.)

New episodes of NCIS season 15 premiere on CBS this fall, and if you’ve been reading the site often, you know that there are several exciting things to come that will include the arrival of Maria Bello as a series regular in episode 4. Right when Gibbs thinks that he’s back home and into a routine again, someone else is going to come up and shake up his world.

Given what is happening in his personal life, we also have to assume that Margo Harshman will be back at least one more time — we’ve long been a proponent of more Delilah, but at this point, many of those proclamations seem to be falling on deaf ears over at CBS. We’d love to get at least a recurring arc this time given that there is so much material worth touching on!

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