The X-Files season 11 spoilers: Is Gillian Anderson’s Scully in trouble?

Gillian Anderson's ScullyWhen The X-Files season 11 premieres on Fox early next year, not everything with Gillian Anderson’s Scully will be peachy. As a matter of fact, the character is going to be in some fairly-rough shape.

While specifics are unclear, a new report from TVLine suggests that Scully will be struggling in some way when season 11 picks up. Not only that, but when we do see her again, it will be as a part of a “heavy mythology” episode written by series creator Chris Carter. The first and last episode of the season are apparently going to him again; fingers crossed that what he delivers this time is a little more character-focused and less about some crazy conspiracy that never meshes together in the way that it should.

It’s strange to say given that Carter’s the creator and we have unlimited gratitude towards him for creating the whole series, but we do actually think that the first and last episode of season 10 were the two weakest ones of the batch. They had interesting ideas and we love that Scully and Mulder’s child was at the focal point of the ending — especially since this is very much tied to their future. The struggle here (“My Struggle” pun intended) is trying to figure out if this child becomes an integral part of the story this time or is more a red herring that we should ignore.

Beyond the Carter episodes, the remainder of the ten-episode season 10 should feel very much the same. After all, there will be a number of standalone episodes written by series veterans, and given that every person under the sun should want to guest star on the series, we feel like they will have zero problem in the known universe getting cool, interesting people to sign up for parts. Our struggle is mostly waiting until next year for it to come back — right now, the easy assumption is that it will return to the air in February with more new stories. We’re hoping that among them will be some other returning characters from the original show that haven’t been announced yet — there are many out there!

The one thing that we know for certain, alas, is that Vince Gilligan won’t be returning to write any more episodes. With the show back, that’s probably one of the few things that we for sure want … and we almost feel guilty asking for anything given that it’s so remarkable that this show again exists in the first place. Whoever thought that there would be some episodes of this show airing so many years after it first premiered, and following a lengthy hiatus to boot?

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