Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: HoH practice; Mark & Jason session (day 43, afternoon)

Mark & JasonAre Mark & Jason an interesting duo in the game, or simply not interesting at all? It’s a boring week of Big Brother feeds, so we may as well look further at this.

The relationship that exists between the two of them speaks mostly to how Mark is trying to play this game: As much under a cloak of mystery as possible. He doesn’t want anyone to fully understand what he’s got going on or who he’s really working with, so he gets these secret alliances and meets with them. He did this for a while with Dominique before it was blown up, and now he’s doing that with Jason. He doesn’t really have Elena at his side anymore, so Jason is helping to fill that void and reassure him that even if he’s not in the best position in the world, he’s not in immediate danger of going home.

If we were Mark, one of the best things that he could possibly do is just throw the next Head of Household since there’s almost no way that he goes home; this way, he doesn’t put a target on his back by not nominating Jessica and Cody, and he also doesn’t look like a scumbag to the two of them by nominating them. Cody may already feel not-so-great about him after what happened the first week, but Mark’s at least trying to turn that around and prove to him that he could be a trustworthy ally. We do at least know that Mark is not the target of either one of them in the event that they do find their way back into power.

Meanwhile, Jason is extremely underrated as a player this season, and he’s up there with Kevin as one of the biggest threats to win at the moment. He’s well-liked by almost everyone, he is fairly perceptive (he knows that Paul is a huge threat), and he is reasonably good in competitions.

HoH practice

There is a new competition coming tomorrow, and preparation for that began today! Everyone has a chance to play what looks to be a modified version of golf / croquet, which gives you a good sense as to what the competition tomorrow will be. There will probably be point values, and the person with the best shot ends up winning power.

In theory, this could benefit some athletic people, but it’s so different than golf or anything else that it’s a total crapshoot. Anyone can win this, and given that Cody and Jessica are going to be fighting hard for it, almost everyone should fight hard to win this. Christmas may be able to compete in this, so that adds another player to the mix.

If you missed it, Paul cannot compete even if the Halting Hex is used. That stinks for him, but he could’ve evicted someone else from the game had he wanted to.

We’ll be back later with both a review for tonight’s episode and more from the feeds over at the link here. Be on the lookout! (Photo: CBS.)

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