Lucifer season 3: What’s ahead for Lucifer and Chloe? (Couples Forecast)

Lucifer and ChloeMrs. Carter: Is the future bright for Lucifer and Chloe (a.k.a. Deckerstar) moving into Lucifer season 3?

Today marks our first edition of our ongoing Couples Forecast series, and where better place to start? These two remain fan favorites and for good reason — the bring plenty of passion and humor to every scene. Tom Ellis and Lauren German do a tremendous job establishing the bond that’s there and deserve all of the credit in the world.

Within the show, Lucifer and Chloe had wonderful moments through the second season, but also some that put their future on the rocks. Does the name Candy Morningstar ring a bell to anyone out there? They have enormous issues to work through, with Lucifer’s honesty problems at the top of the list.

You can easily argue that much of Lucifer’s behavior stems from insecurity, especially when you consider his upbringing. There are strained relationships all over his family, and he carries with him a fundamental need to be loved. With that, however, also comes a fear that somehow the person that you are is not somehow good enough. Lucifer clearly feels unworthy, given that he continually keeps so many secrets about his past and his identity. He also holds fear in his heart regarding preconceived notions and lacks the faith Chloe can look past them.

Could she? We certainly believe so! Chloe proved through two seasons that she has a great heart to go along with tenacity and a passion for her work. She may have preconceived notions aplenty, but also the ability to look past them. With the right opportunity, she may very well surprise! If Lucifer develops that trust and makes some admissions in the near future, the chance is there for something further to build. The longer he waits, the greater the odds the ‘ship sinks before it really burns bright. You don’t want to wait so long that the admission feels like a betrayal.

Our season 3 expectations for Deckerstar

Fox confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con that Tom Welling is joining for season 3, and his role may connect to Chloe in some way. If he serves as a threat to the Lucifer – Chloe relationship, we’d love to see him act on that! The more Lucifer forces himself to confront his feelings and his future, the better off that the show eventually is. The more he cowers from it, the more the relationship with Chloe finds itself pushed down the line.

New episodes premiere this fall but don’t expect Lucifer to make any moves quickly. The four episodes filmed as a part of season 2 contain few major plot revelations, as they are evergreen in nature. Patience, in general, is a virtue with TV romances. Expect some revelations down the road, but not until the series re-establishes itself and after these four aforementioned episodes air.

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