Grantchester season 4: Is James Norton leaving? The renewal debate

Is James Norton leaving

Grantchester season 4 renewal is not 100% confirmed as of yet, and it turns out that it may be more complicated than we thought.

In order for it to happen, it may come down to whether or not the show decides to replace one of its two stars in James Norton, who plays the character of Sidney — and arguably is the person most people want to see get a happy ending after the events of the finale. The show is ultimately in a tough holding pattern. It has to either fundamentally shift the show that it is, or sit around and wait for someone who may never have the time to come down.

This situation was explained further by the show’s creator/writer James Runcie, per a report from the Mirror:

“James Norton is in such big demand now that I’ve no idea if he’ll be available to film a new series … But Death in Paradise has replaced the leading man, and that’s still going strong, so if the worst comes to the worst [it could happen].”

Sure, replacing one of the main cast members is possible, but we don’t think it’s the sort of thing that produces any sort of long-term gains. You’re starting fresh with a new character who has to deal with a backlash from fans who were watching and assuming that their old favorite was going to be turning up. We feel already for whoever would be jumping onto the show in the place of Sidney, given that it is a near-impossible situation for them to succeed.

Ratings-wise, we also don’t foresee Grantchester as a show with a tremendous amount of wiggle room here one way or another. The show had decent ratings for season 3 by British TV standards, but they didn’t blow anyone out of the water and we’re not sure what they would look like in the event that they were to come back without James Norton around.

What’s our solution?

We do like to be solutions-oriented here, so if we were to hand over a suggestion at the moment, it’d be this: Try to figure out a way in which to bring the show back for either a special or a shortened season; or, show some patience for a year or two. While we do think that Grantchester could exist without Sidney, it wouldn’t be the same. It also wouldn’t be all that effective at the moment when you think for a moment about where his story left off. Following his decision to stay in the church and losing Amanda, this is a man who does need some sort of happiness within his life. It benefits the show to try and explore that in any way that it can.

How do you think Grantchester season 4 should happen, and would you watch without James Norton? Feel free to vote in the poll below!

Meanwhile, head over to this link in the event you do want to get some further insight now when it comes to the series. (Photo: ITV.)


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