Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: When will the bashing stop? (day 42, evening)

Big BrotherWe really do wish that there was something more exciting to talk about in our final Big Brother 19 update of the day. Instead, we’re touching once more on Jessica and Cody being relentlessly bashed by the remainder of the people in the house. It’s not fun, and we say that as someone who hasn’t necessarily been the biggest Jessica or Cody fan the rest of the season.

Here is the dilemma: It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for anyone to want to work with the two of them. Cody’s betrayed his allies before, and it’s clear that they will be loyal to each other far before they are loyal to anyone else. Also, they’re perceived as so toxic in the game that joining them = automatically getting targeted down the road.

Yet, there has to be a better way to handle the two of them than what Paul, Christmas, Raven, and others are doing. They’re sitting around, complaining about them being bullies, and trying to plot what some of their next moves are going to be in the game. They are trying to prepare for any Head of Household Competition that’s ahead — we know that it won’t be endurance, given that they need to fit the Temptation Competition into Sunday’s show. If it’s something like questions or a knockout-style game, this is easily the sort of thing that benefits the dominant side of the house. There’s an element of luck to these and Cody/Jessica are unfortunately outnumbered. Mark is somewhat with them, but we’re not sure he has the guts to make a move that would anger most of the other people in the house.

Regardless of what happens after this week, Big Brother has a challenge in how it presents the rest of the season: How do you make some of these people likable again? We know that there were some ugly weeks last year thanks to Paulie, but it felt even then like there was more of an escape from it. Here, the negativity is almost enveloping. How they choose to edit all of this into the Thursday show is going to be super-interesting, especially since Julie Chen cannot exactly admonish them for any of their behavior. (The real test of how far the show wants to send some of these people down the hole is if they show any footage of people questioning Cody’s military history — if there is a way to completely make America hate you, it’s disrespecting a soldier.)

Here’s what we really don’t get: If Paul or anyone else wants to make their image better, why not try to have a conversation with Jess or Cody? Is it really hat hard, or are they that afraid of losing some of their allies? You don’t have to work with them, but you can still be civil.

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