MasterChef season 8 episode 9 exclusive: The next Team Challenge!

MasterChef season 8 episode 9MasterChef season 8 episode 9 is airing right around the corner, and just as we have for every other episode, we’ve got an exclusive preview!

If you look below, you can see a sneak peek that is all about the big Team Challenge that is going to be taking place on Wednesday night’s new episode. The remaining home cooks are still cooking within the now-famous kitchen (they’re not out in the field this time!), but with a very different sort of purpose than usual. This week, they are working to try and cater to some people responsible for the proteins that they are making for them. That includes the pork that the red team is struggling with in the preview. The meals, in the end, will be served within the restaurant set — something that we haven’t seen much of this season.

Adam is the Team Captain, and as he knows at this point, the buck stops with him in terms of all of the decisions that he makes. His struggle in the preview is a simple one: Serving pork chops that are not of the same size. The challenge that comes with that is that you’re making it almost impossible to succeed — every one of them has a different cook time, which means that you cannot serve them together. In the MasterChef Kitchen at this point, you can’t be running the risk of serving raw or undercooked pork. If you do, there’s going to be huge consequences.

Here’s the good news for Adam: Gordon Ramsay is getting to him quickly and being hard on him about it. The longer that it took for this moment to happen, the more likely it would have been that there would be some trouble for him. If he can nip the problem right away, it spares him from some shouting later.

In general, we think that Adam is one of the more knowledgeable, competent cooks in the competition and he should be able to bounce back from this without a problem. The only thing that does make us nervous is the same thing that has us continually nervous in Team Challenges — you’re seeing someone step up as Captain, and that’s a role they are not familiar with. If their leadership style doesn’t mesh with the team, everyone falls apart. We’ve seen a few major examples of this already over the past several weeks.

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