Shooter season 2 episode 4 spoilers: The search for an assassin

Shooter season 2 episode 4When Shooter season 2 episode 4 airs on USA next week, we’re going to see all sorts of drama — with plenty of danger mixed in there. That’s what this show is all about. It’s also planning to, in the process of airing the episode, give you even more of a sense as to precisely who Bob Lee and Isaac are actually hunting.

Take a look at the synopsis below to get some of the first details for what’s ahead.

Shooter season 2 episode 4 synopsis – “Bob Lee and Isaac learn the world’s greatest assassin is in the US. Flashbacks to a mission in Afghanistan reveal his identity: Solotov. Nadine comes to Texas with suspicions of a conspiracy.”

It’s fair to say that this assassin is probably linked to the attack that happened in the premiere, and the danger that he and all of his fellow soldiers now face. Figuring out part of the reason for this is going to be exciting, mostly because you don’t tend to do some of the things that this guy is doing unless you have some sort of significant, challenging, or devastating motive behind it. Sure, we know that his name is Solotov, but that doesn’t matter all that much in comparison to learning more about why he is committing some of the acts that he is. Given that Dobbs is now dead, Bob Lee now faces some elevated stakes.

As for Nadine’s journey to Texas, it’s already clear that she is onto something given that there are government conspiracy theories dating back to what happened with Isaac earlier this season. There is something amiss that the government, or at least some people in it, don’t want the likes of Bob Lee and some of the other characters to know. We’re okay with not getting all of the answers on what is really going on now with one condition: There are plans to bring some of this to life before the end of the season. We want to spend some time this season knowing fully who the team is hunting; that adds to the stakes, and it’s always great to have an intense villain at the center of the story.

The biggest danger of all

Being shut down, and not just by the assassins. For example, Gregson already has told Nadine to stop sniffing around what is going on with Bob Lee and his team.

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