Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Plans, shifts in future targets (day 42, afternoon)

Future targetsOur day 42 afternoon update in the Big Brother 19 house is about future targets, and seeing the houseguests figure out what is the right move next.

Everyone in the house now seems to be settled on the fact that we’re going to be seeing Cody and Jessica stay on Thursday, as she will be using the Halting Hex in order to stop the eviction from going through. There’s some grumpiness about it, but not a willingness for anyone to work with them in the future. The groupthink is strong, as is the motivation for everyone to win the next Head of Household. There’s almost a mentality now that if someone wins and nominates Jessica/Cody, they will be viewed as heroes by everyone else in the game.

What is a little bit different now is some sort of confirmation from many of the players that Jessica is viewed more as the target than Cody is, likely because she’s viewed as the much better player and she’s someone capable of getting twists from America. While Paul technically told her previously that she would be the target if she uses the Hex, we didn’t quite buy it at first. now, that does seem to be the case. Cody has no social game, and isn’t viewed as much of a threat at all.

We don’t think that Jessica and Cody are both making it anywhere near the final two, but one of them could based on how the game shakes out from here. They have the support of most of America at this point, and it’s for two reasons: They’re the complete underdogs in the game, and they also are willing to play hard. Nobody wants to see meek people in the game, and whether it be Matt, Raven, Josh, Elena, or a few others, there are a ton of people this season who seem more than fine just straddling the middle of the house and letting some other people do more of the dirty work for them.

Will anyone throw the Temptation Competition?

This was a suggestion floated by Paul in the house this afternoon, largely because it could enable there to be a strong person playing against Jessica and Cody in the Veto. After some deliberation with Mark and others, the idea was shot down given that it’s a huge risk to take and not one that’s altogether needed. Since you can’t see all of the time how everyone else is doing in Vetoes, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to plan in advance.

If we really wanted Jessica/Cody out, the right thing to do is just to compete in everything as hard as humanly possible. They could feasibly have as three different opportunities to save themselves depending on how things go this week.

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