The Fosters season 5 episode 4 video: Jesus’ many frustrations

Fosters season 5 episode 4On The Fosters season 5 episode 4 tonight, you’re going to continue to see Jesus’ further struggles. He’s been struggling in the aftermath of his brain condition, and he also has not been able to return to school. If there is one thing that Jesus seems to want more than anything else at this point, it’s normalcy — and none of that seems to be coming his way at the moment.

In the sneak peek below, Jesus seems to be getting one step closer to the normalcy that he does crave — at least in the form of a new medication that will make one part of his life easier. (Do we really need to spell that out further? This whole subject matter is awkward, to say the least.) The best way to explain that is that Jesus is a teenager, and he wants to feel like that in every way possible … unfortunately, being stuck at home and having angry outbursts are keeping him from fully achieving either one of these dreams.

So what is a guy like him to do? Well, being honest about what he heard Stef and Lena saying is a start. In front of his doctor, he confronts the two about Lena saying that she finds him “dangerous” — she tries to say that she didn’t mean things the way that they are being interpreted, but this is one of those situations where there is no easy way to escape the situation that he’s in. This is going to take a tremendous amount of work and effort for him to even feel like who he was before the accidents that eventually lead to all of this damage.

If there is a winner when it comes to this storyline, it’s clearly Noah Centineo. This is some of the meatiest story on the show, and it gives him a chance to tap into something that is completely untapped and different from anyone else on the show. Even though this is an emotional show, there aren’t many other characters who can highlight anger in the way that he does. There’s also always something that he can rely on as a justification for his character, or at least that is the case at the moment. We’ll see more of what happens in due time.

So what is next for Jesus?

One of the big things that you have to consider here is that he’s going to be spending a whole lot of time trying to get back to school and hopefully a normal life. Will that happen? There are still plenty of episodes to go this summer, so that’s time to figure everything out.

What do you think about this The Fosters sneak peek, and do you think that Jesus is going to be out of the woods sooner rather than later? Share in the comments!

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