Shooter season 2 episode 3 review: A death hits Bob Lee hard

Shooter season 2 episode 3 reviewIf you enjoy crazy drama and a touch of conspiracy theory, odds are that Shooter season 2 episode 3 was the installment for you.

If you recall, last week saw Bob Lee learning more of how his past overseas stopping a drug operation came back to bite him. There seemed to be a larger government plot at hand, and this became all the more apparent tonight as there were more forces on all sides that seemed ready to try and have Bob Lee silenced — both figuratively and literally.

This brings us eventually over to Patricia Gregson. a woman who has a history of getting involved in projects that are far higher on the food chain than those around her can handle. She passed along a warning tonight to Isaac about just how much danger was going to be caused as a result of the heroin bust that we first saw last week. Her comments raised some great questions when it comes to the relationship between Isaac and Bob Lee: Are they on the same page? Isaac is doing everything that he needs to do in order to get the job done. Take, for example, him wanting to torture a man using the most extreme measures possible. Bob Lee wasn’t down with that.

The problem at this point in the investigation is that Isaac is a man possessed in part by Lin’s death, and that is causing him to act harshly and impulsively. The incident at the diner was one example of that.

Eventually, the name that came up to the top of the list was Solotov, one of the most notorious assassins out there. There was still one big question, and unfortunately, it was hard for the crew to figure out the answer to this: Why? One person who should’ve listened to Swagger’s advice to stay put was Dobbs, who became one of the unfortunate casualties at the end of the episode.

The brief glimpse of Swagger’s home life

Julie and Mary haven’t had that much to do since the premiere, and for most of the night, they had to spend their time separate from Bob Lee and worrying about his safety. He finally made it home, only to then learn that Dobbs was shot to death.

Are the flashbacks working?

With some shows, we do like there is a superfluous quality to them since we don’t always need to see where things were; it’s better to dive into where things are now. Yet, this episode gave us so much more insight into just how much Bob Lee fought in order to investigate the drug situation in his own way overseas. Unfortunately, he was surrounded by people higher up on him that wanted him to stay quiet.

Trouble with Nadine Memphis’ new job

You’d think that she would have a chance to settle in to working with Gregson. Well, not so much. Instead, she had to spend most of the episode having to run around, bandying about her name in order to get her attention. Nadine is on a manhunt for information on the heroin, which led to Patricia making a pretty bold/terrible declaration: She needs to leave this case alone, mostly because Bob Lee is digging his own grave.

Is Nadine still willing to pursue answers? Well, that’s the cliffhanger at the end of the episode.

Overall Take

A very good Shooter episode that did what the show often promises to: Deliver a great episode with twists, turns, and a shocking death at the center of it. You do get the sense that almost anyone could be in jeopardy — at least at the moment. Grade: B+.

Want to take a look ahead?

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