Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Someone strikes with a bullhorn (day 41)

bullhornJust in case Big Brother 19 needed to cap of its day today with any further chaos, someone decided to bust out the bullhorn.

What was said has been a subject of some debate already, but if you listen to the Big Brother Gossip video below a dozen times over, it sounds like whoever it is says “America loves Jess. Paul is a bully.” It doesn’t seem as though Jessica actually heard the message, given that when the houseguests were called inside on a lockdown, she didn’t say anything to Cody about what she heard and he is the one person she could actually trust.

What’s the whole purpose of these bullhorn people? Well, most of it is to find a way to try and influence the house, and there are times when you really start to think that something big could swing because of it! Unfortunately, the majority of the time it doesn’t accomplish much beyond a big moment on the live feeds. Houseguests rarely hear the full message, and even when they do, they have to debate as to whether or not they can trust it. There’s a good chance that they misinterpret what you say and it blows up in your face.

One of the other things that we can say about this is that whoever uses these bullhorns must have a huge, booming voice and a reasonable knowledge of the studio surrounding the show. This is not a Big Brother 1 situation where people can throw messages over the walls hidden within tennis balls. We’ve been to the studio where the show is filmed, and trying to find a spot in which to yell outside of it is probably no easy task. We certainly don’t recommend it.

We’re absolutely not shocked that things stooped to this level today given that, as written earlier, this has been utter bedlam in the game. Things have gotten super-aggressive and nasty ever since after the Veto Ceremony when Jessica made it clear that she will use the Halting Hex Temptation to save her and Cody from eviction this week. They’ve since discussed quitting the game, but it doesn’t seem like that will happen now given that some of the other players have started to lay off for now. Paul has toned down some of his rhetoric and as has been the case for most of the other players this season, they have all followed suit. This has been a rough day for Paul’s popularity, and understandably so given that he shouldn’t react to bullying by doing roughly the same sort of thing.

Then again, this is a game, and people who go in there have to expect some nastiness. We don’t like it, but everything is fair in the house. If you love the show for drama, this has to be one of your favorite weeks in the entire history of the show. It’s been crazy, and we doubt it’s stopping now. The entire house isn’t suddenly going to love Jessica and Cody.

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