Ink Master exclusive: Anwon ‘Boneface’ Johnson on Shop Wars experience

BonefaceAnwon “Boneface” Johnson was one of the two contestants representing Boneface Ink on Ink Master season 9. Unfortunately, this past episode found him on the outside looking in after a new-school challenge forced him and his partner Brandon “Hobo Ink” Allen into a difficult spot. They were open about their difficulties in that challenge among the jury of peers, and the judges opted to send them home at the end of the hour.

So what did Boneface think about his time in the competition, and the Shop Wars twist that defined this season? Take a look at our interview with him below, where he is candid with us about many things. We wouldn’t expect anything less from him given that he always spoke his mind on the show!

CarterMatt – Was the Shop Wars competition in any way what you expected?

Boneface – The competition is so unique that you can’t go into it with any expectations, so I didn’t. Trying to prepare yourself for it is d–n near impossible.

The two of you seemed to have a strategy where you each had your own individual strengths that complimented each other. Did you think the season would be structured differently?

When they said teams, I kind of had an idea of what we’d be doing. Knowing that made it no easier. Tattooing is not a tandem activity so I think every shop in the competition struggled with that aspect of it.

How much do you blame the new-school style for your elimination?

The new school challenge wasn’t the problem. Our lack of preparation and weak plan of attack was the issue. We don’t make excuses, s–t the bed.

When you were in danger against Black Spade, did you think there was a chance they would go home instead?

In my opinion, our tattoo was one of the worst in the history of Ink Master. I knew 100% that it wouldn’t hold up against anyone else in the room.

Do you want to come back again?

Ink Master is a fraternity and I’m now a part of that fraternity. I’ll always show up whenever they need me to come tattoo and talk some s–t lol.

What’s the best way to book a tattoo with either of you?

To book with me simply email your ideas, dates you want to be tattooed and contact info to [email protected]

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