Are DeMario Jackson – Dancing with the Stars rumors of substance?

DeMario JacksonIs there anything to the DeMario Jackson – Dancing with the Stars rumors that are floating around out there? For now, we’re questioning it.

Here is what we know for certain: According to a report coming in from TMZ, the former The Bachelorette star and embattled Bachelor in Paradise contestant — who was at the center of a scandal regarding him and Corinne Olympios — is in discussions to join the ballroom competition. DeMario is clearly interested; why wouldn’t he be, given that this is one of the best opportunities that he has to show a different side of himself?

Remember, though, that being in talks to do something does not equate to actually doing it, and the odds feel incredibly low that DeMario actually ends up getting this gig. For one, his total amount of screen time in the Bachelor franchise is actually fairly low. He was only in the first few episodes of Rachel Lindsay’s season, and given that the incident with Corinne happened on the first night of Paradise, we can’t imagine that he is a part of that show longer than the premiere and a reunion special at the end. Dancing with the Stars wants contestants who are super-relevant, and beyond that news story with Corinne, is he really? Personally, we’d rather see Rachel on if the show is pulling a participant from this franchise, especially when you consider that a reigning Bachelorette has never competed on the show before. (Trista Sutter competed a while after her season took place.)

The other question that you have to wonder is this: Would people root for DeMario if he is on Paradise? Remember that even though he was not found to have done anything wrong with Corinne, he was still kicked off of Rachel’s season for supposedly having a girlfriend back home and wasn’t presented as a super-likable figure there. He also didn’t have this huge, on-another-level personality.

Remember, it’s July

There are still many weeks to go until the Dancing with the Stars premiere in September. Therefore, we’re not going to put an enormous amount of stock into any names that are floating around out there right now. (That also includes Sean Spicer.) Every season there are dozens of people talked to who don’t actually end up being on the show, and this is the same thing that we’re feeling about this situation. Maybe DeMario ends up in the cast, but for now it’s way too early to tell and we don’t think that there would be a substantial voting block there for him if he does make it.

Your Take

Do you think that there is any chance at all that DeMario actually makes the Bachelor in Paradise cast this season? Be sure to sound off in the attached comments below!

Meanwhile, you can head over here to secure some other news and information when it comes to Monday’s The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All special, which will feature DeMario in some way. (Photo: ABC.)

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