Grantchester season 3 finale (PBS): How Sidney, Amanda’s story ends

Grantchester season 3Tonight on PBS, the Grantchester season 3 finale came on the air. With that, we’re pretty sure that there are people feeling ALL THE EMOTIONS. This was an emotionally devastating hour of television, especially if you were really diving into the show these days in order to check out the romance that exists between Sidney and Amanda. They care about each other, but what happens when love isn’t enough? (Warning: There are spoilers ahead from tonight’s airing on PBS!)

Unfortunately, what happened during the finale can be described in rather simple terms: Sidney made his decision, and it was not one that favored his love life. He decided that he could not leave his job at the church no matter how much he loved Amanda and her child, but in the end, that was not enough for him to be able to choose that over his established duty. Amanda did not react to this news well, and it appears as though the relationship that they could’ve had is done and Sidney is going to be left to whatever lies ahead now in the future.

Is there still hope for him? The episode certainly tried to make it appear that way, even though one little scene or moment of hope is not going to be much in the way of consolation for people who’ve been super-excited to see these two move forward together.

Hopefully, the show will move on just to give Sidney some sort of second chance — even if he is the person who made the decision that ultimately changed everything for him, we still do feel pretty terrible that it happened and got to that point.

As for elsewhere in the episode…

While you can read more about the finale over at the link here, we do want to give a nod to the especially-powerful case at the center of the episode — one revolving around a missing child that eventually turned out to be about so much more. What makes Grantchester so great is not just the interesting stories at the heart of it, but also the moral complexities that are presented from the start to the finish.

Meanwhile, there were a few strong Geordie moments, especially when it comes to the two parties doing their best to look past some of the infidelity that we saw previously. Meanwhile, Leonard and Daniel did have an especially nice moment in the episode, which you can take as proof that there is someone within the Grantchester world who is getting an opportunity to leave here with a happy ending. We just wish that you could say the same thing about poor Sidney…

What did you think about the Grantchester finale and everything that took place over the course of it? Share in the comments below!

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