Teen Wolf season 6 episode 11 review: Stiles’ Quantico reveal & counseling

Teen Wolf season 6 episode 11 reviewTeen Wolf season 6 started off in a way that we definitely didn’t see coming: The lacrosse field and Scott McCall. Even though many things may have changed for Scott McCall, some things still remain the same. He is teaching now as an assistant coach, or at least he was on his last day.

It felt like the opening scene of the episode was such created for two simple reasons: Nostalgia (hey, it’s the return of lacrosse), and then giving us the opportunity to see something super-freaky in the form of a wolf with spiders crawling out of it all over the place.

Rest assured that this wasn’t the end of all of the freaky moments during this episode, given that we also had a chance to behold such things as a room full of rats, more spiders, and the reminders in the back of our break that the show is ending in the matter of a couple of months. (There are few things more terrifying to us at the moment than having to face the idea of not getting more of this show.)

The most impressive action sequence of the episode goes to Halwyn, the new Hellhound who turned up and quickly got involved in a showdown with Parrish that turned increasingly shirtless as time went on. (Hey, this show clearly knows what it is that its fan base wants some of the time.) The main mythology here can be described as such: When Stiles was brought back, so were some other things. It was up to our heroes in order to better figure out precisely what those were.

As for some of the other characters…

Malia managed to make it back from Paris, but not long after she returned, she quickly determined that she just wanted to go back to Paris. We get that — who would want to be a part of this madhouse in Beacon Hills unless you were being forced to? By the end of the episode, though, Scott and Lydia managed to convince her to stay put and help in their search for Halwyn.

Luckily, it turns out that the team’s services were not even needed all that much in the end, given that Halwyn was killed before the crew even got there to help out with the problem. The person responsible? The show’s new counselor, someone who the guys were more intent on awkwardly hitting on than anyone else.

The Stiles ending

At the end of the premiere, you had a chance to see him arrive for his first day at the FBI, excited and eager to take on his job. Maybe he was a little bit too eager; if nothing else, he is certainly different than the majority of the other agents. Oh, and here’s the cliffhanger: Apparently, the FBI is going to be viewing wolves as murderers! Specifically, we’re talking about Derek Hale! That’s not good, but it’s a heck of an ending for a heck of a crazy premiere. Grade: B+.

What’s coming on Teen Wolf season 6?

Head over to the link here! That is where you can take a look at a further preview for what is going to be coming up down the road. (Photo: MTV.)

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