Teen Wolf season 6B: Why isn’t Dylan O’Brien in opening credits?

opening creditsOn tonight’s Teen Wolf season 6B premiere, we understand there being a question that many devoted fans out there have: Where’s Dylan O’Brien in the opening credits? He was such a huge part of the show for the first five seasons plus the first half of season 6, so why remove him now?

Well, much of this is really all about series regular statuses, and the fact that Dylan wasn’t really around for this second half of episodes other than a couple of them. There were many other people who are still major characters on the show, and the producers chose to prioritize them over O’Brien. Another reason for this may be figuring out a way to keep viewers from being misled. If you see someone in the opening credits, often you interpret that as a surefire sign that they are going to be a part of the rest of the series when that is not necessarily the case. Dylan’s not going to be in some episodes, and if he was highlighted in the credits, it could create some false expectations.

What the show seems to be doing in the case of the final episodes is hyping up Dylan appearances by putting him in the post-credits as a “special guest star.” That is what they did tonight, and we presume that this is going to be the pattern the rest of the season in the episodes in which he is around. Personally, we’re rather fine with that because we don’t expect him to be around every week — plus, seeing things this way helps to ensure that you have a reason to get excited when you do see his name out there. When that happens, it’s basically a guarantee of screen time and you won’t be getting that any other way.

As for why O’Brien is not going to be in every episode of the show, one of the biggest reasons for that has to do with his own movie schedule. Dylan’s a very busy guy at this point in his career, but he made it clear previously that he continues the series to be his “home” and has little intention of doing anything to diminish its importance in his life. Maybe his schedule would have been a little bit different before his Maze Runner injury, but at this point, there is little to no way in which to know for sure.

What we can tell you is that if you want some further news regarding Teen Wolf, all you have to do is visit the link here! We should have some further insight on its future in due time. (Photo: MTV.)

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