NCIS season 15: Maria Bello praises Mark Harmon, thrilled to join series

Maria BelloIt’s been a couple of days now since the Maria Bello – NCIS season 15 casting news first came out, but we’re still hearing positive reactions!

Today, the first reaction we’re getting is coming from none other than Bello herself in a post on Instagram, where she had nothing but positive things to say about joining the show. She referred to Mark Harmon as a “mensch,” and included many of her other co-stars in the post as well such as Pauley Perrette, Sean Murray, Wilmer Valderrama, and Emily Wickersham. It’s nice to see this sort of fantastic enthusiasm from someone prior to them joining the show — it’s a sign of them being really happy to be there, and we’ll always take that over someone who just shows up, does the work, and leaves. You want your workplace to feel like a family, even if there are people fluttering in and out over the course of the year.

For the record, Bello won’t appear in the first few episodes of the season — it will take her a little bit of time to show up, but the hope is that once she does and you get used to her, it will be hard to imagine the show without her. she is one of the most accomplished performers who NCIS has brought on the show in a rather long time.

Just in case her reactions to joining the show are somehow not enough for you, we suggest that you also check out the post below from Valderrama on Twitter, who shared a really amusing announcement alongside Wickersham talking about Maria coming on board. It’s a very sweet welcome to the show, and it’s also pretty funny — especially when Emily pulls the old “oh, I didn’t see you there” camera gag before she passes along her message. (Funny story — we did the same thing during our Beauty and the Geek audition tape.)

Now that the cast is clearly excited, the next thing that needs to happen is for everyone to keep working. Filming is underway for the first few episodes, and we’re right around two months away from season 15 premiering on CBS. You know us by now, and we’re going to keep providing some more great NCIS news from now until the does come back on the air. Hopefully, that will give you a little more insight into the story of the season.

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