Grantchester season 3 finale spoilers: The central Sidney – Amanda conflict

Sidney - AmandaThe Grantchester season 3 finale is coming to PBS on Sunday night, and at the center of everything will be a huge Sidney – Amanda story. While there are going to be other storylines that transpire beyond what’s going on with the pair — including a devastating case regarding a missing child — this is what most people remember this season for both now and most likely when it wraps. These are characters that you’ve had the time to come to care about, and it’s that investment that allows your emotions to be on the brink.

We don’t want to spoil too much about this episode coming up, but by the end of it there is a reasonably good chance that some of these said emotions are going to spill over. There may be tears.

Series star James Norton is responsible for the Sidney character, and as he tells Elle, the final episode is going to pick up roughly where the final one left off — with Amanda giving him an ultimatum to either choose the church or a relationship with her:

“Yeah, she spells out the final ultimatum. In the series, the central tenet is love vs. duty. Sidney loves a good conflict. He loves to wrangle it and sort of crash into an existential crisis. There’s nothing bigger for him, really. As he says, if God is love and the person he loves is Amanda, then why should his duty to the church preclude him from that relationship? What [Grantchester writer] Daisy Coulam does so beautifully is set up these conundrums, these uneasy ethical debates, and there’s no answer to them. They are the ultimate star-crossed lovers because the time dictates that he’s gonna do his job, and he’s not able to marry a divorced woman. But he’s a young, passionate, hot-blooded man, a romantic man, who is deeply in love with one person and has been for years. And yet he loves God and he has made this vow to serve God.”

One way or another, Sidney is going to figure out what he will need to do by the end of this episode, and you’ll then have to sit around and ponder over the blowback. What may make that a little more challenging is the fact that there is no Grantchester season 4 renewal just yet; we really do hope that there is soon, given that this is a show that we feel is just starting to pick up steam here in America and could be going places if it gets a chance to further shine. Since we’re speaking here about a British import, patience really is the key more so than anything else.

The preview below doesn’t give you too much in the way of Sidney – Amanda scoop, but it is absolutely still worth watching if you love the show. Meanwhile, head over here in the event that you do love some other news when it comes to the upcoming finale and what’s coming. (Photo: PBS.)

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