Power season 4 episode 6 spoilers: Can Ghost and Tasha start again?

Power season 4 episode 6Is there somehow still hope for Ghost and Tasha moving into Power season 4 episode 6? In this world, anything is possible.

In the sneak peek below for Sunday night’s new episode, you can take a little more insight into Omari Hardwick and Naturi Naughton’s characters. Where are their heads at right now in the aftermath of Ghost’s release from jail? Well, he seems actually invested in the idea of redemption, and wants to give their relationship a second chance. He feels like this is the perfect opportunity to prove himself as a worthy man and someone who is actually learned from many of her mistakes. However, Tasha is not altogether sure that he has, and questions whether or not such things can be true with a guy like him who has lied so many times before. Her perception, at least before this conversation, was just that the two were keeping up appearances for the FBI by trying to be together.

One reason why that is important is that technically, Jamie is not completely off the hook yet for what happened with Greg Knox’s death. He was spared mostly because of an incompetent prosecution and not because of anything that he did or did not do. The proof that is “clearing his name” in the case is not all that substantial, and even with Mike Sandoval suspended, he may still know people out there who are more than happy to turn around and come for Ghost’s head. He has to be careful.

For Tasha, there is clearly still the specter of Angela floating around out there somewhere, as well. This is a woman Ghost was ready to divorce her to be, and as a result of that, she stands to have every reason in the world to be worried. Angela may say that she wants Jamie put away and feels that he is still guilty of other crimes, but she was still willing to throw away her career for ensuring that he was not locked up for this crime. If she was truly someone out for vengeance first and foremost, she would’ve left her integrity at the door and allowed him to be prosecuted for a crime he did not commit. On some level, even if she doesn’t recognize it yet, there may be a part of her who wants to believe the best in Ghost. This is probably the part of her that leaves Tasha a little bit nervous to get that intertwined with Ghost once more.

There is still a lot of season left to go on Power season 4, and with that, there are opportunities for the series to veer in all sorts of unexpected/interesting ways. We’re definitely excited to dive more into that in the weeks to come.

For now, though, tell us this: Do you think that Tasha should ever consider having a future with Ghost in a million years? Share in the attached comments!

Also, be sure to visit this link in the event you want to preview Sunday night’s new episode of the series further. (Photo: Starz.)

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