Poldark season 3 episode 8 promo analysis: Morwenna’s mayhem

Poldark season 3 episode 8 promoWith Poldark season 3 episode 8 airing on BBC One tomorrow, isn’t this the right time for some further promo analysis? Much as we did last week, we’re excited and ready to break all of this down … even if it feels pretty clear in the process that this episode won’t be as exciting for some of the characters. Many are in peril, and that peril exists within a wide array of different forms. Sometimes, it’s sadness; in other places, it’s longing and pain.

Take, for example, Morwenna, who continues to be in one of the most terrible situations known to mankind. She’s married to a man in Reverend Whitworth who is terrible and abusive, and Whitworth doesn’t exactly seem all that attached to her anymore. The way that he creepily prays for a new wife makes us incredibly worried, for one, that he’s going to kill her or ship her off somewhere to the point the marriage is forgotten, and we don’t think that Morwenna is the sort to strike back against the man with an act of violence of her own.

With that being said, though, isn’t it still very much possible that someone else close to her could get some revenge on her behalf? That is one of the things that we’re wondering through this preview, since everyone from Drake Carne to Morwenna’s sister is still out there.

One thing that does interest us is this idea: Morwenna was willing to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of ensuring that Drake did not die. With that, isn’t it easy to believe that Drake would sacrifice something himself to free her from this horrible situation?

The Hugh Armitage crisis

Well, this is going to explode outward on Sunday thanks to Hugh recognizing his feelings, but also the complications that he has towards said feelings. It is not lost on the man that he is completely indebted to Ross for everything that he did rescuing him and Dwight Enys and France; therefore, he recognizes fully just how wrong it is for him to have feelings for his wife.

Alas, simultaneously he also cannot help how he feels, and he’s a man who certainly feels like he’s worth of such a match. There is tremendous discord at present between Ross and Demelza over the former’s lack of action to stop George politically. That divide could turn into a far larger rift, even if the preview suggests that there’s a chance for Ross to make amends when it comes to politics.

Finally, does Ross love Elizabeth?

The closing lines of this preview are enough to make us scream out loud. Apparently, he may have seen her at Aunt Agatha’s grave, and in Elizabeth’s moment of weakness (her own rift with George has expanded outward since her death), it’s possible the two become emotionally vulnerable.

We’re hoping that Ross saying this is taken out of context somewhat, given that the two have shown time and time again that they are a recipe for disaster.

Just in case this is not enough Poldark news for you…

If you head over to the link here, you can get some additional news on this upcoming episode through the lens of the Ross / Demelza / Hugh Armitage love triangle that has been established on the show as of late. (Photo: BBC.)

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