Turn: Washington’s Spies season 4 episode 8 video: Ben’s mission & debate

TurnOn Turn: Washington’s Spies season 4 episode 8 airing on AMC tonight, trying to save Abe is at the top of the priority list. As you may recall, originally the plan to capture Benedict Arnold was one that was going to take place in New York. Well, plans change, and by the end of that episode Woodhull found himself forced south to Virginia with the rest of Arnold’s army. A battle was brewing, and Abe was in a position that he never wanted to be as a spy: Possibly having to fight against his own allies in a coat of a different color.

As a result of this, it’s fair to say that there is some tension brewing between Ben and Mary Woodhull back at the camp. They have to figure out their next move with a sense of urgency, whether it be determining Ann Bates’ allegiances or figuring out precisely what it is they want to do with Abe. Can Ben really head down to the field in his current post? The number of men who could safely travel and fight is a pretty short list, and that is when the name Caleb Brewster is thrown out there in the sneak peek below.

Is he a man who can be relied upon? This, understandably, is the question that these two characters should be asking each other at the moment given his history. Caleb is not a traitor, and nor is he some lazy, terrible person. He’s just a man who has experienced tremendous trauma, and as a result of that, he is a little more broken than anyone else that they could send. He’s turned to alcohol as an escape following the torment that he suffered at the hands of Simcoe, and Ben has to figure out how to inspire some confidence in him.

This is where Mary enforces some pretty good advice: Just show some belief in his abilities! Sometimes, all people need is just a nudge in the right direction, and a reminder that they are more than whatever sort of preconceived notions that someone may have of them. Caleb needs to be empowered, and he certainly has reason to act. He will want to stop Simcoe more than almost anyone, though you can figure that Abe is pretty high on that list, as well. After all, remember that Abe in some of the previews for tonight’s episode looks to be engaging in a major battle against Simcoe. One way or the other, the end of that will set the stage for an epic series finale airing in just a matter of weeks.

What’s your anticipation level for tonight’s Turn: Washington’s Spies?

Let us know some of your thoughts and hopes for the hour in the attached comments! Rest assured, we’re going to have both a review for tonight’s episode and a preview for what’s coming up next later tonight, the moment that these installments come to a close, at the link here. (Photo: AMC.)

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