Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: The day 38 nomination ceremony

nomination ceremonyFor our final Big Brother 19 update of the day, let’s present to you now the nomination ceremony results!

What makes these particularly interesting is how paranoid Paul was about them going in, and understandably so given Jessica/Cody’s warnings about the temptation. He didn’t know how it could be used, and he was worried that they would be able to use it to take themselves off of the block here. That didn’t happen, and with that, they are now officially nominated. Paul’s goal was to flush it out if it’s real, and he will have to wait for eviction night in order to learn the truth on that.

As we’ve said all along, though, this is Paul’s best chance to get out of the week without anyone mad at him. He won’t look like a traitor to anyone if he doesn’t have to nominate anyone else, which is why he should be super-motivated to try and win the Veto. (The one bit of drama that we foresee coming is in the event Cody wins the Veto, and he does the all-familiar bro waffling as to whether or not he should use it on Jessica rather than himself. It’s agonizingly stupid and therefore entertaining.)

Remember that Jason is now also on the block, so he also has plenty of motivation to fight to take himself down. (Read more about the Temptation Competition here.)

Ceremony aftermath

As you would expect, Jessica and Cody are none too thrilled about the idea of going on the block, and are reaming Paul out for it. Cody’s questioned his intelligence and made it clear that Paul treats the other people in the game “like dogs.” Also, Jessica told him that she’s going to use her temptation and he’s blown his week. Lots of screaming and Cody and Paul puffing out their chests.

The thing that Jessica and Cody either don’t realize, or are pretending that they don’t realize, is that it’s in Paul’s best interest to not have them hanging this over his head for a while. While Paul will be mad about the temptation being played on Thursday, we don’t think he’ll be that furious about it being out of their hands. Then, they are capable of going home at any point just like anyone else, and their safety is completely gone. Paul would have to rely on someone else in his alliance to win power, and even if something weird happens, the Temptation Competition could keep him safe. There are SO many different variables at play, but the one bummer is that we’re going to have to make it through this week for much of that to transpire.

Until then, let’s just hope for more fights and petty arguments.

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