Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Temptation Competition results

Temptation CompetitionThe first Temptation Competition happened today in the Big Brother house, and it has some significant benefits … but also consequences. If you win, you can guarantee your safety. However, if you lose, then it’s really bad news for you in terms of your future since you become an instant nominee.

What we can tell you now (the feeds just ended a matter of minutes ago) is that the winner of the competition is Mark! Meanwhile, the loser and third nominee for the week is going to be Jason. That’s not great news for him, but in this instance, it shouldn’t matter all that much if Paul goes through with his plan of nominating Jessica and Cody for eviction. Surprisingly, Cody didn’t even compete in this one.

Paul is already avoiding his worst-case scenario plan for the week, which would’ve been one of Jody winning this and then the other one winning Veto. If he nominates Jody together and one of them wins Veto, he can simply name Elena as a pawn nominee now. Granted, Jess will still use her Halting Hex Temptation, but at least he can leave the week without an enormous amount of blood on his hands from anyone new. He doesn’t know the full impact of the temptation, but we certainly don’t blame him for wanting to flush a power out of the game since that stuff is dangerous. (His backup nominations are Josh and Elena, but he won’t really need to use them.)

Of course, here’s the bad news: He’s super-vulnerable next week. As confirmed in a new interview with Allison Grodner, Paul won’t be able to play in the Head of Household Competition next week. His week counts, even though he isn’t able to accomplish anything. We do hope that this silences some of the conspiracy theorists who think that the entire game is rigged for Paul, who’s totally going to get screwed this week (which almost balances out him getting three weeks of safety … almost). Paul will still have other chances to compete next week, so the game is still in his hands.

We’re very much interested in seeing how the Temptation Competition is presented on Sunday night’s new episode, given that apparently, Jason was pretty funny in it. The threat of nomination is SO big that we’re not sure how many people are going to want to secretly compete in this week to week, especially if they think that they are in danger. We do think that Paul will, mostly because he’s the sort of player who would roll the dice on something like this, especially if there is someone who could seemingly throw him on the block in power. He is a pretty strong competition player, after all.

We will be back tonight with more on nominations + everything else that could be coming the rest of the weekend. Given what the end results of this week are likely going to be, it’s hard to get that amped-up about an eviction show that probably won’t matter aside from the TV moment. (Photo: CBS.)

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