Dark Matter season 3 episode 10 spoilers: More info on Two’s past!

Dark Matter season 3 episode 10When Dark Matter season 3 episode 10 airs next week on Syfy, you’ll see the continuance of something that’s been a trend: Backstory. Once again, there is a great deal of it coming! We’ve seen this already courtesy of Five and Six this season, and on this episode entitled “Built, Not Born,” the emphasis could be more on Two. It’s hard to imagine anyone in the fandom being altogether upset about this, since backstory gives us more insight, and gives us even more of a reason to care about a character’s future.

Also, what seems to be interesting about this upcoming episode is how much of this Two backstory is going to be coming out: Through The Android and Victor! Check out the synopsis below for more.

Dark Matter season 3 episode 10 synopsis – “A distress call from the Android’s friend, Victor, leads to answers about TWO’s past.”

Given that we’re in the home stretch of the season at this point, the clear hope here has to be that some of these answers are substantial and offer a whole lot more insight into her history and, in turn, the future. We’d also get on a pedestal and celebrate getting even more Android story, but at a certain point we feel like we’re getting greedy when there are SO many great Android moments already this season. She’s been undercover, she’s gone to the future, and she’s kicked a lot of you-know-what. This is without even mentioning Evil Android from earlier this season and everything that happened on the two seasons before this.

As we are starting to move towards the finale, our anxiety on the future of the show is probably going to grow. We feel a certain obligation to prepare you for that now, since we will continue to incessantly discuss it. Of course, we are absolutely hoping that some sort of official renewal comes out before long so we don’t have to be further caught up in a perpetual state of yammering. We just love the creativity and the passion that goes into this story and it’d be a shame to see the Syfy lineup without it.

The one thing that we do feel is that the expectations are so much higher for this episode coming out of the super-fun hour of TV that we saw tonight. We got a chance to dive into a very different world in the present and see how some of the characters acted there. We do hope that Ryo is a little bit more involved moving forward, given that he didn’t really have that much of a role to play in what happened tonight.

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Also, be sure to head over to the link here in the event you do want some further information on the show, including a full review for Friday night’s new episode. (Photo: Syfy.)

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