What NCIS season 15 needs from Maria Bello casting

Maria Bello castingNCIS season 15 is premiering on CBS this fall, and there are reasons aplenty to be excited about the Maria Bello casting news. While we’ve seen the show cast some up-and-comers before like Duane Henry and Emily Wickersham, this is them bringing in a strong, accomplished performer, and someone who knows their skill set very well. Just watch Prime Suspect or A History of Violence for evidence of this.

What’s also great about Bello’s currently-unnamed character (at least publicly) is that she is being brought in to challenge Gibbs and bring someone onto his level. We understand that he is the leading man of the show, he’s the guy with the famous rules, and he’s got the respect of pretty much everyone on the team. Yet, that shouldn’t mean that he is immune to a little bit of discourse and tough conversations here and there. Bello’s arrival in episode 4 could bring that around.

What you want with Gibbs is for him to be pushed to be stronger, better, and more understanding and accepting. Bello’s character is meant to be someone accomplished and capable of doing just that. She’s a forensic psychologist with multiple tours of duty, so she understands how people think — whether it be agents, criminals, or members of the military. In turn, she’ll understand just how Gibbs processes emotions and looks at cases.

Could Bello’s character soften up Gibbs at some point? Potentially, since she could open his eyes to different ways of thinking — such as that he doesn’t need to be so stringent in his routine. Gibbs is a man who, over time, has been hardened because of some of the loss and pain that he’s gone through. He’s established patterns that have made it easier to live. Bello’s character could break some of that down, and in the long run, that benefits the character greatly. He could find through her a new, profound sense of happiness. That doesn’t mean that they have to be romantically intertwined, but that option remains there.

So, beyond just challenging Gibbs, what other roles could Bello’s character play? We’ve got a few interesting suggestions there.

Mentor to Bishop – Bishop is learning how to be a strong female agent, but who better to learn from than someone who’s been doing this a long time? We’d love to see a couple of cases where the two of them go out into the field and work together; it’d be a different sort of energy than we often get from this show.

Counselor to Torres – Given everything that Nick went through on his deep-cover mission in the past, she may help him come to terms more with his own life. Plus, vulnerable Wilmer Valderrama is one of the best Wilmer Valderramas out there.

Challenger to Vance – We’re not saying she’s after his job, but if she is willing to stand up to Gibbs, don’t you think that she could do the same exact thing to Vance if she feels like he’s not considering things properly? MORE OF THIS.

How do you want to see Maria Bello’s character used on NCIS season 15? Share some of your thoughts/ideas on the subject below! (Photo: CBS.)

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