NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 premiere: A look at all the locations!

NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 premiereWith the NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 premiere coming on CBS this fall, there’s certainly a good bit to be excited about — including the locations!

This, effectively, is what this article is all about. In a post on Twitter, executive producer/director John Peter Kousakis shared a list of all of the filming locations that are going to be used during the first hour back — and it’s a rather impressive list! You’ve got in here Sam’s trailer, the home of Deeks’ mom (clearly, she’s returning), a college campus, the beach, a nightclub, and of course the standard locales you see every week. Clearly, there are a lot of different sort of venues that the show is using, which makes sense given that this is a premiere and you want to dive into this in ambitious a way as you can. The more locations you can include in the story, effectively the more epic the show ends up feeling.

There is definitely a great deal of ground that does need to be covered in this episode, especially since so much of it is going to be about the aftermath of everything that’s happened. You’ve got, for one, the after-effects of Michelle Hanna’s death in the penultimate episode of last season. How is Sam holding up? This is a difficult, emotional struggle that he’ll be going through, and it’s something that would be difficult for almost anyone to cope with. He won’t get better over a hiatus. We imagine that a good part of the premiere is going to be him trying to wrestle with some of those ramifications and some of what his life looks like now.

As for Kensi and Deeks, the story is certainly different. The two are engaged, and that should be a cause for great celebration! Yet, at the same time, they also have some stumbling blocks ahead for the two of them in that Deeks’ mom may not know the good news yet. Why hasn’t Marty told her? That’s something that the show could be getting into in this episode since they’ve got it set up in the locations being visited.

Beyond all of that

We would assume that it will be business as usual for the NCIS: Los Angeles team given that crime isn’t just going to stop suddenly just because of big events in some of these characters’ lives. There are going to be some difficult cases that will still land at their feet, and we figure that one of them will take up much of the episode — isn’t that often the case?

Interested in some further NCIS: Los Angeles news?

You can see the episode title in “Party Crashers” in the tweet below, but if you head over to the link here now, you can get some additional news right now on the subject. (Photo: CBS.)

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