Good Behavior season 2 premiere date official at TNT

Good Behavior season 2TNT’s Good Behavior is set to premiere its second season on October 15, 2017 at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Season 2 will begin with Letty (Michelle Dockery) reconciling with her Javier (Juan Diego Botto) and her mother, Estelle (Lusia Strus), who was a big reason Letty couldn’t get custody of her son, Jacob (Nyles Julian Steele). Now Letty, Javier, and Jacob will attempt to start a new life even though they are on the run from FBI Agent Rhonda Lashever (guest star Ann Dowd, The Leftovers).

However, it won’t be easy creating a new and normal life because Letty and Javier realize that something more dangerous than the FBI has caught up with them. Normality soon fades as Letty goes from bad at being good to good at being bad.

The second season of the TNT drama series is no doubt going to raise the bar. With Letty reconciling with her mother and Javier, it is an interesting move by the writers to eliminate the conflict that was a dominating presence during the first season. However, this new unknown threat that is supposedly more dangerous than the FBI is an intriguing storyline that makes us curious as to what or who it is.

What is also going to be interesting is seeing how Good Behavior does next to The Walking Dead and then another crime series in NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS. The zombie series is extremely popular and is going to attract a high number of viewers. In general, The Walking Dead has one of the highest-rated dramas on television right now so you know that’s going to be a big threat. With NCIS: Los Angeles, there could be a similar audience for the show and Good Behavior.

Another competitor Good Behavior is going to have to go up against is NFL football. Sunday night football is always going to be a problem for television shows and ratings because the sport is so popular. However, the key for the TNT drama is going to be DVR ratings. With a solid storyline for the second season and decent promotion by the network, Good Behavior could have a great year.

Regardless, Good Behavior has set itself up for a great season and we are looking forward to Season 2.

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