Carpool Karaoke: Usher is James Corden’s latest singing partner

Carpool KaraokeUsher stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden‘s famous Carpool Karaoke skit to sing some of Usher’s fan favorite songs.

First up, the duo sang “Yeah”. The pair had a lot of fun singing this one, with Corden often making Usher laugh so hard he couldn’t even sing. The best part was the rap toward the end of the song. Watching the two sing this part was so great because, of course, Usher knows the words, but James Corden was just as knowledgable. Somehow, the man knows everything about everyone who steps into his car!

Once the song was over, Corden begins asking Usher questions about his dancing ability. Usher proceeded to tell Corden that he began dancing in the streets of Chattanooga with his cousin because music was part of the culture. But of course, Corden doesn’t keep the conversation serious, by then asking Usher for his opinion on Corden’s club entrance.

The pair then pull over so Usher can demonstrate. Needless to say, it was hilarious watching the two because there’s no way someone would walk into a club the way these two were. And of course, that made it funnier. Usher even showed Corden some dance moves.

Then the car ride took a detour over to Usher’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As the two arrive at the star, Usher notices some marks, so of course, Corden and Usher begin cleaning it. One guy even pasted them and asked if Usher was Usher. Before Usher could say anything Corden yells that Usher would never clean his own star. It was a funny moment and one that made us laugh out loud.

Up next, the duo sang other fan favorite songs such as “Caught Up”,  “OMG”, and “I Don’t Mind”.

During the singing, Usher revealed to Corden that he is trying to be a vegan, but is struggling to fully commit because he likes beef and chicken. The funniest part of the conversation had to be Corden telling Usher and that he and his son can’t be vegan or a vegetarian if they eat meat because that’s like saying “I don’t drink at all. I only drink beer, cidar, vodka, and red wine”.

The Carpool Karaoke skit is definitely one of the best skits of the late night shows and never fails to make people laugh. Most of the time people watch these videos over again or show them to their friends. No matter what we are always looking forward to the next Carpool Karaoke because we know it’s going to be a good one.

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