MacGyver season 2: Casino episode being filmed!

casino episodeSure, MacGyver season 2 may not be airing until the fall, but one of the things we’ve learned about already is that a casino episode is coming! This was actually revealed to us courtesy of star Lucas Till earlier this summer, but this episode is now officially filming.

In a post on Instagram (see below), series star Justin Hires (who plays the incredible Bozer) made the news official — by the way, if you’re on Instagram he’s a fun person to follow for a wide array of different behind-the-scenes scoop on the show.

While you don’t have much in the way of scoop on the storyline for this episode just yet, we want to think that this is some sort of Casino Royale undercover mission where everyone on the show plays different roles in order to catch the target — more than likely, things don’t go as planned, stuff hits the fan, and chaos ensues before the good guys find a way to win in the end. Even if you did describe many different MacGyver episodes in a fairly similar way, we do think it’s apt and works very well for this show. You want to see the good guys win, but you want to see some moments where it doesn’t look like victory is possible. It’s the little twists and turns within the formula and the danger that make it exciting!

We’re already imagining Bozer as a sly poker dealer while Mac is running around as a member of the security detail making sure the casino is safe … but that’s just our imagination running wild. There are a wide array of different fun configurations you can think of using some of these characters, so it’ll be fun to see what the writers have come up with.

The biggest thing to remember here is just that things are going to get crazy, and you’ll probably be entertained thoroughly from start to finish.

Here’s a quick refresher

Coming out of season 1, the good news is that the entire team at the Phoenix Foundation is still alive. Yet, Murdoc is also now back on the loose, and we figure that there are many ways in which he could come back to torment the team. There are also some other recurring villains within the MacGyver universe that the show could consider bringing back/on for the first time.

Also, Bozer’s into Riley, and we really want Riley to be equally into Bozer. That’s the couple we’re ‘shipping hard moving into new episodes.

Want some other MacGyver season 2 scoop?

Rest assured that we’re going to have further insight on filming, casting, and a whole lot more throughout the season over at the link here! We’re psyched to have MacGyver back in action on CBS this fall.

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