Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: The trajectory of Josh (day 35, evening)

Big BrotherDay 35 keeps chugging along in the Big Brother 19 house, and we’re starting to get a good sense as to how some things are going. This is especially for true for Josh, a guy who, provided that he survives this week, may end up making it really far this season.

Let’s think about it this way: The only reason that he was targeted this week is because we didn’t see an interest on the part of Cody and Jessica to make a big swing in the house. They were tentative, and thought that he was a target the whole house would rally behind. Not so much.

Covering the feeds the past few days has been mostly different because it’s such a different sort of vibe. Nobody is really scrambling; instead, it’s more about watching one side of the house play the other. Paul wants Josh to remain surprised that he stays up to and after the eviction, mostly because he knows that it will create all sorts of chaos and paranoia. Christmas is one of the few who has admitted that she wants to give Josh a vote, so she may be spared from some of the witch hunt. As for everyone else, that’s to be seen.

We do think that it will be fairly easy Cody and Jessica to figure all of this out after the fact, mostly because you just have to look at behaviors. Elena and Mark have been so close to Cody and Jessica this week, and they’ll probably swear until the cows come home that they voted with them.

The larger issue that the two have right now is not a lot of people around to trust.

Where our entertainment is coming from

It’s mostly Josh, who continues to do much of what he does best in the game — freak out and struggle with the weight of what he’s doing. He’s mostly kept his sanity (if you can call it that) by holding court with the feedsters and hanging out with Orwell, the Big Brother: After Dark stuffed owl who’s gotten more air time on the feeds this year than recent history. Josh is great casting; he may also be losing his mind, and we’re starting to really doubt that he’s going to be able to keep it all together for as long as he needs to this season. He still has two more days to go, and even then he’s supposed to act surprised by the results. (If we were Josh, we’d make sure to mention at some point that he was aware of what was going on — he needs to do something to create a narrative for himself as something more than the alliance’s puppy dog if he is going to win.)

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