This Is Us season 2: Chrissy Metz teases what’s ahead and more

This Is Us season 2When This Is Us season 2 airs on NBC this fall, there will be questions aplenty regarding what is coming up. For Chrissy Metz’s Kate, some of those questions are emotional and even painful.

For one, we know that Kate still harbors a certain degree of guilt over what happened to her father Jack — she blames herself for his death, and that is the sort of guilt that is so powerful that it can haunt you for the rest of your existence. She’s going to need closure on that eventually, but we don’t know how she gets it so many years later. Everyone in her life has already had opportunities to help her, and it’s going to take something extraordinary for her to start to see any sort of light at the end of the tunnel here. She may have to just dig deep and find something with herself.

Metz appeared on The Today Show this week to discuss further the new season and the success of the show so far, and within that noted that “there’s going to be closure,” at least on the subject of how Jack died. She added that “you’re going to see how Jack has passed away and how that’s [impacted her].” The good news here, clearly, is that the show is not going to be dragging out the answer to the Jack mystery all that long. We didn’t mind if they did, but we have a feeling that it’s going to be all over TV publications until it’s revealed. Better to stop oversaturating the market now.

Beyond the story with Jack, there are some other interesting things that we will see for Kate moving into the second season. For one, this does mark an opportunity for her to forge a deeper connection with her mother Rebecca — she’s going to follow her dreams of trying to be a singer. Metz belted out a little Whitney Houston in this interview, so obviously she does have the pipes necessary in order to pull something like this off!

Another mystery that remains here is how much the show really wants to explore the music angle for her — this is easily the sort of plot that could take over the show, and the writers clearly don’t want things to become a musical. The writers have to figure out a way to balance this with other storylines.

One thing that we’re absolutely confident about, regardless of what the writers decide, is that This Is Us is going to continue to remain a ratings sensation for NBC. It completely killed it in the numbers for the first season, and since there’s been time for viewers to catch up, we only see that continuing from here.

What do you want to see on This Is Us season 2 when it comes to Kate? Feel free to share more of your thoughts and hopes on the subject below!

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