Lethal Weapon season 2 spoilers: Meet Andrew Creer!

Lethal WeaponWhile Lethal Weapon season 2 won’t be airing on Fox until the fall, you don’t have to wait that long to learn about Andrew Creer!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Australian actor — who has appeared in such productions Down Under as Tomorrow When the War Began and Barracuda, is going to be playing the part of Zach Bowman, an attractive and eager detective who is going to be excited to get in on the action. He will work within the robbery homicide division alongside Detective Bailey (played by Michelle Mitchenor).

Is he great at his job, or just great at making people think that he is great at his job? This is one of the questions that the series will make you wonder through however long that he is a part of the show. He’s got a horseshoe where the sun don’t shine as he’s somehow able, time and time again, to find himself in moments where he can be perceived as a hero. He’ll get a number of promotions thanks in part to luck, and the LAPD is going to embrace him as one of the promising faces of the job.

Does the police department need some good PR? All evidence seems to point that way for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, it’s a police department in 2017, so it almost goes without saying that there is going to be a need to have a good face of the organization. Beyond that, though, the LAPD is going to find themselves in ever-constant drama thanks to the presence of Riggs and Murtaugh with the team. These two guys are very good at what they do, but at the same time they do have a tendency to get justice at the expense of causing chaos and/or property damage. It’s hard to imagine the show without situations in which the two have stirred up some drama.

This isn’t the only new addition to Lethal Weapon this season, as the show has also went ahead and added Michelle Hurd as one of the new bosses who you will see a good bit of, off and on, throughout the show. All signs points towards this being another fun season given that you’ve got a good mix of performers, old and new. You never want to give your viewership too much of any one thing, especially since there is so much merit in finding some new ways to surprise them. With both comedy and action built in to the story, the constant cast mix-ups should add to the winning equation. (Odds are, this is also probably good for the actors — any good performer wants to remain on their toes.)

More so than anything on the show, one of the biggest tests for Lethal Weapon season 2 will be seeing merely how the show fares in the ratings. It is on a new night, and with that come new challenges.

Be sure to share some more of your thoughts on this Lethal Weapon casting below, coupled with your expectations for what’s up next. (Photo: Fox.)

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