The Fosters season 5 episode 4 spoilers: Cortney returns; Callie, Aaron’s next move

The Fosters season 5 episode 4When The Fosters season 5 episode 4 airs on Freeform next week, commitments should prove themselves to be an enormous part of the story. Callie and Aaron are in a better place despite some of the awkwardness of the recent date that they had together; as a matter of fact, they’re going to start talking about what’s next for the two of them physically. There will probably be conversations to be had, but they’re both caring people with a great deal of understanding. Take, for example, just how well they eventually handled the notion that Callie just can’t handle surprises anymore in their lives.

Beyond just that, though, we’re going to see Grace question Brandon’s commitment to her given that Cortney is (somehow) going to find her way back into the picture. For a little more insight into that, check out the attached synopsis below:

The Fosters season 5 episode 4 synopsis – “Callie and Aaron discuss taking their relationship to the next level. Mariana finds fulfillment training with the Latina derby team. Brandon’s new girlfriend Grace catches him playing hero to his ex-girlfriend Courtney.”

Is Brandon holding a candle still for his ex? We’re not sure if that is it, but he just has so many selfless bones in his body and there’s a certain part of him that attaches value in his ability to help other people. His ability to help Cortney and her son Mason are near the top of the list of reasons why that relationship lasted as long as it did; he has a hero complex, one that does probably stem from being a part of a family where there is constantly such a spirit of giving and caring for others. It’s good to have that desire, but there are times that you have to think things through. If helping Courtney is making it harder on Brandon to move forward, this may be a time when he really does need to start to think about his options for the future.

As for Mariana and the roller derby storyline, this is going to be entertaining to watch for however long it lasts — which probably won’t be all that long given that it feels almost impossible that she is going to be able to keep this a secret. Plus, roller-derby matches are public, and she cannot keep someone from seeing something/saying something about it. Forging that signature is the real mistake here; Lena and Stef probably would’ve been concerned given that they are still nursing Jesus back to health, but they’re going to be so much angrier now than they would have been otherwise.

Promo Spoilers – As you can see below, there is tension for many of the current couples on the show, and it looks as though Jesus and Brandon could (unfortunately) come to blows as tensions mount further between the two.

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