Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Preparing for next week (day 35, afternoon)

Big Brother 19The day got started in the Big Brother 19 a little bit later than usual on Tuesday, and as a result of that, our first update is coming a little bit later in the afternoon, as well.

This is still some information to share from the feeds, beginning with one of our personal favorites at the moment: Cody threatening to go off if things go awry this week. PLEASE NOBODY SCREW UP THE VOTE. As of right now, the Ramses blindside is still going on, and as fun as seeing Cody and Jessica blindsided is going to be, we do feel pretty bad about what’s going to happen to the kid. We’re a fellow gamer and former cosplayer, so we’re inclined to like Ramses. He was one our favorite contestants going into the season and we thought that he’d play a really good game.

Unfortunately, Ramses has been too under the radar and afraid to make his presence known in the game. There were ways that he could’ve changed this week around, but ultimately, we do think it’s a little hard to have an abundance of sympathy for him. He put himself in this position in the game where he was so expendable.

With the vote to evict Ramses reasonably secured at this point, we are starting to get more of a sense of what the dominant alliance wants to do next. The likes of Paul, Kevin, and Christmas (who are the three best strategic players within that group) want to see the showmances split up, but they’re being careful about the manner in which they do it. They want to see Elena, the better player of her pair, go home over Mark. Meanwhile, they want to see Cody go home over Jessica.

We sign off on this group getting together and sparing us from showmance nonsense, but what we don’t sign off on is the assertion that Cody is more threatening than Jessica, who has shown she can be a decent player with him gone from the house. Cody is always going to be a competition threat, but he’s not someone with much of a social game and isn’t well-liked by a number of people. There will always be an option to get rid of him later when there are a ton of mental tasks.

What does make things very difficult at the moment for the majority alliance is that the Halting Hex is going to be played at some point in the next couple of weeks, and the only benefit that they have of winning Head of Household is saving themselves. They can’t get rid of anyone from the opposite side, but they can just have it played so that they can move forward and be done with that interruption in the game. They shouldn’t be discouraged of getting powerful because of it; at that point, they’re screwing themselves.

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