The Bachelorette: Rachel Lindsay’s father did meet Peter Kraus, final three

Rachel Lindsay's fatherOn Monday night’s The Bachelorette episode, you did see Rachel Lindsay’s family meet her remaining three contenders in Peter Kraus, Eric Bigger, and Bryan Abasolo. There were some great moments that came through this, and then there was also Bryan being super-cocky and high on himself pretty much throughout. (We know he’s probably the favorite to win Rachel’s heart … just not anyone else’s in the process.)

Anyhow, we of course wondered as to whether or not these three men had a chance to meet Rachel’s father much in the same way that Nick Viall did on The BachelorHe is a federal judge, and because of that he cannot appear on a reality show. As a matter of fact, we’re told that the home featured on the show last night was not the family’s home, either — consider this another way of ensuring the family’s privacy so that they are not targeted for any reason. (There are always people who have vendettas against judges, so it is better to be safe risk someone using that as a means to come after the family because of something that happened in court.)

Chris Harrison confirmed in his new Yahoo! blog that the remaining men did get to meet her father, and he had the following to say on the subject:

“It’s worth noting that all three men did get an opportunity to talk to Rachel’s father off-camera, just as Nick did. We’ll never quite know what they talked about, but I can tell you that personally I am very curious.”

While we know that Rachel’s father needing to be off-camera probably does cause some production headaches, we admit at the same time that we actually rather dig it. It offers up a chance to give the show a little more in the way of mystery; as a result of that, you never know the full picture in a show that is well-known at this point for oversharing and regurgitating the same details over and over again. He’s almost like the wizard behind the curtain that you have to impress in order for the show to continue.

Now, we have to just wait to see how everything unravels in the end given that the next installment of the show is The Men Tell All, which is typically a huge nothing burger where almost nothing interesting happens. There is some potential for drama courtesy of Kenny, Lee, and DeMario getting their moments in the sun, but we figure that nobody is going to come in there trying to embarrass themselves royally. If they’re sorry about something (which *cough* Lee *cough* really should be), they’ll probably just apologize so that they have an opportunity to move forward in their lives.

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As we get closer to the finale, rest assured that we’ll have MUCH more in the way of news to share over at the link here — and we may get a little bit opinionated on some of the remaining guys in the process. (Photo: ABC.)

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