Longmire season 6: Would a companion series ever work?

companion seriesWe love writing about Longmire and also trying to ponder over possible ways for the franchise to still have some life in it. Unfortunately, season 6 is set to be the final one on Netflix, and everyone within the cast and crew seems to be accepting of that. Are there hopes for movies down the road still? Absolutely (we have the same hopes!), but the show’s getting a proper ending for now. There is no reason for an outcry in the way that there was following the A&E cancellation since the end isn’t coming out of the blue.

In the past, one of the things that we’ve written about are some fun ideas to spin-off some of the main characters to give them their own shows — while we do still think there’s some merit in a Cady Longmire legal show or one featuring more of Mathias’ life running the tribal police, there is one other idea that we hadn’t considered too much befire now: Could you continue the legacy of Longmire with a different series set in the same universe?

Picture something along these lines: Create a new concept about a different group of people addressing some of the similar sort of problems that exist in Wyoming, whether it be protecting tribal communities and the rights of the disadvantaged using a creative team with old-school values. Set the show in somewhere like South Dakota, rural Texas, Alaska, New Mexico (fittingly, where Longmire films), or somewhere else that doesn’t tend to get a lot of exposure. With this idea, you can hope to extend the franchise by appealing to a new fan base, introduce some new and interesting characters, and open the door for a cameo by a Longmire cast member or two at some point down the road. Attach Craig Johnson as an executive producer/creative force, and he could help cultivate some of the characters.

Maybe what we’re thinking about is almost the Fear the Walking Dead of Longmire a series that exists outside of the source material but still has heavy creative involvement from those who worked on it. If there was ever a way to continue to give us stories within this world, getting this would certainly be better than having no Longmire or anything like it.

Is such an idea possible?

Maybe, but it would depend on the pitch and the angle. It would also probably have to be marketed in a way that doesn’t just appeal to Longmire fans to ensure the largest possible audience. Also, sometimes the shows you love can come from unexpected places. We weren’t that interested in Fear the Walking Dead at first, but we’ll say in season 3 that we’re enjoying it just as much, if not more, than the flagship show.

We’ll revisit this idea down the road, but for now, let us know in the comments if you’d like to see some sort of Longmire companion series! Also, head over here for some other new updates on the show. (Photo: Netflix.)

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